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  1. I agree with Ferrero. I got a 730V, 600Q. A top-ten, HYP program which rejected me told me they threw out my application on the basis of either my GPA or my GRE (they did not read my SOP or my stellar letters of rec). My GPA is 3.98. You guess which score sank me.
  2. The grammar and syntax in the results page post MAKE me shudder.

  3. Congratulations! See, I knew something would work out for you. Good for you and good luck!
  4. I'm still waiting too. At this point I'm just curious to see if they ever get back to me, or if they just took my money and tossed out my application.
  5. Well, April 15 came and went and still haven't heard. Wonder if Monkeefugg did? She was so adamant that the financial aid emails meant something, and as I received two of them and yet never heard from NSSR, I think I can rest my case that it didn't mean anything.
  6. Someone got their rejection letter today for the political science program, and I have a feeling my news is on its way as well. I have already accepted another school so it is a moot point by now, but I still am intensely curious to find out the result.
  7. Although you are a "novice" to philosophy, you might still be interested in The Critique of Pure Reason by Kant. It is notoriously difficult, but majoring in philosophy doesn't make it easier anyway, so it's worth it just to jump in and fight your way through. It is hard, but rewarding, and will set you up well for the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals which you may have been introduced to in your ethics course. For a scientific, logical mind, Kant is a good philosopher. I think he himself discovered some things in physics, though I don't recall what exactly. Kierkegaard is a little less
  8. I guess I did just ask that! I'm going for a degree in political philosophy. Most of my outside reading centers around philosophy or classic literature. Especially Russian literature...
  9. He will ask three times before the cock crows.
  10. Oh come on! What's wrong with him?
  11. In the rare moments when I get to spend a few minutes for pleasure, I have been reading Chekov and Kierkegaard.
  12. I've mailed in my acceptance of another school. I have to say, I'm really disappointed with the way they've treated me. No response to emails, nothing. I would have been happier if they had just rejected me right off the bat instead of never responding to me. On another note, Monkeefugg hasn't posted in this thread lately. Wonder if she had better luck?
  13. I am leaning toward this advice. Student4ever, I am not trying to make judgements about you, but you never used the word "love" in your post. In my own relationship, I would take the offer at his school without a second thought. I could never bear a long distance relationship, I have to see him every day. But that's me. Your situation is likely different, and so you have to weigh things. How deeply in love are you? Will you be resentful? Will he sacrifice for you? That type of thing.
  14. I do realize that grad students do more than take classes. That's why it scares me. Because all I do now is take undergrad classes, and the workload leaves me with no additional time, so I have no idea how I'll handle an ever bigger courseload plus the other responsibilities.
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