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  1. Your response was very helpful for me on the ‘CFY’ thread! I am currently interning at my school site, begin interning at my medical site in February (which is the setting I actually want to work in), and then I graduate in May. 


    I wanted to know (1) when should I start applying for CFY positions, and (2) what are some other questions that you think is important/ wished you had asked during your CFY internship? The questions you posted on the thread were awesome and I want to pick your brain!! I don’t want to feel like I’m stuck at a CF that I hate, or that the CF isn’t a good fit for me because I didn’t ask the right questions! (I’ll be interning at a hospital, and I’d love to work in a hospital as a long-term goal, but I think I want to work in a SNF after a few years for the income!) Any info would be appreciated!

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