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  1. Your response was very helpful for me on the ‘CFY’ thread! I am currently interning at my school site, begin interning at my medical site in February (which is the setting I actually want to work in), and then I graduate in May. 


    I wanted to know (1) when should I start applying for CFY positions, and (2) what are some other questions that you think is important/ wished you had asked during your CFY internship? The questions you posted on the thread were awesome and I want to pick your brain!! I don’t want to feel like I’m stuck at a CF that I hate, or that the CF isn’t a good fit for me because I didn’t ask the right questions! (I’ll be interning at a hospital, and I’d love to work in a hospital as a long-term goal, but I think I want to work in a SNF after a few years for the income!) Any info would be appreciated!

  2. @dhuffman2013 Your coworker sounds like a complete joy to work with lol! “Revoked” is totally dramatic for her to say. But, @luckyclover is completely correct! I’m in grad school, and my professors were recently discussing this exact same scenario another young lady encountered. Perfect candidate, but her SLP bachelors degree hit the “5 year mark”, so she had to retake those courses before being admitted to a grad school. It seems ridiculous at first, but because of research and EBP, the field continuously evolves, so within 5 years the information you learned in undergrad is outdated and out of touch with what you would be learning in graduate school. Best of luck to you though, you can do it!!
  3. Looking for University of Louisiana at Monroe ( ULM )! Congrats everybody! ?
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