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  1. Anyone on here attending GWU in the fall? I would love to get in contact with students in my cohort!
  2. I'm not even sure. This woman doesn't like me much, so I think she's trying to be malicious. Or she heard something once and believes it to be 100% true.
  3. Hi everyone. I graduated with my bachelors in SLP in May. I am not in grad school currently. My GPA was a low 3.02 and my major GPA I think a 3.1. I was looking into a post-bacc program to retake maybe 4 or 5 classes at most, starting summer of 2018 and ending Spring of 2019. Am I able to only take a handful and not the full set of courses if I'm just retaking them? I work full time and would not be able to handle a full course load. I am also interested in only a few semesters of classes. I plan to reapply to graduate school next year.
  4. Hi, everyone. I just graduated with my bachelors in speech pathology in May. I am currently working as a PA in a school because I didn't get accepted into graduate school. I am waiting until 2018 to reapply. My issue is a coworker told me if I don't use my degree within 5 years of receiving it, it will be revoked. I doubt it'll take me so long to get in, but is this true?
  5. Hi there! I just graduated from Bloomsburg University with my bachelors in speech pathology and audiology. I applied to 8 schools in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania as well as NOVA's online program, but was not accepted. I graduated with a low GPA of 3.02, a major GPA of 3.12, and my last 60 credits GPA about 3.3. My GRE scores were average. I'm planning on applying for my SLPA certification and working for a year, but am worried about reapplying for grad school this year. I'd like to stay on the east coast, but am planning on applying to Arizona State and University of Texas El Paso. Mov
  6. Hi all! I know this forum is a few months old, but I'm currently in a undergrad speech path program with a GPA of 2.75. I have 2 1/2 years to get it up, but this forum makes me feel so much better that I'm not alone with my anxieties of not getting into grad school and that all of you HAVE gotten into grad programs.
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