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  1. This is what I got. With all due respect, I sure hope you've got the wrong feeling. Seems pretty airtight to me. __________________ Subject: NOTICE OF RECOMMENDATION FOR ADMISSION--CD FALL 2015 This is to let you know that we have now finalized your recommendation for admission to the University. You should be receiving a letter plus some information from our office within the next few days. Should you decide not to continue with the admission process, please contact the Credential Admissions Office immediately at credntry@sfsu.edu. This allows us to make your space available to another candidate. Sincerely, Jenny Baccay, Credential Admissions
  2. JUST GOT AN ADMISSION OFFER (literally... five minutes ago.) I was #4 on the waitlist. Let's keep this going! I'm rooting for the rest of y'all!
  3. we probably won't hear anything until the end of the week at the earliest (if at all). i'm guessing we'll get an email as soon as a spot opens up. i've been going crazy thinking about people accepting admission on account of their not knowing of other programs' decisions and then later rescinding that acceptance. i just want to move on and make contingency plans if it comes to that. all my eggs are in the proverbial SFSU basket. i'm just hoping this wait doesn't last through the summer to august. here's to 8 people denying admission (i'm #4)!
  4. got a letter in the mail today. #4 on the waitlist. another wait ensues! good luck everyone!!!!
  5. ugh.... it's going to be a long weekend...especially if they decide to ruin it with a particular letter in the mail tomorrow. i need a drink
  6. In between obsessively checking this site and dreading coming home to check the mail, I feel ya guys! I just checked, and I haven't received a letter in the mail either! I emailed Mallorie Desimone today, the CD Administrative Analyst/Specialist, and all she gave me was, "I believe notifications should be going out this week." Let's hope it's a slow rollout of acceptances. I'm naively hoping they do it in alphabetical order, considering my last name begins with "R." We got this y'all!
  7. thanks for that bit of info, ellahitzgerald! i guess they're working through spring break. works for me! the sooner, the better
  8. Hey y'all.... I was in the 9am group that didn't start until 930 because of "technical difficulties." Perusing the boards here for approximate timelines, it seems SF State doesn't start notifying accepted applicants until 2 weeks after the interview. I think they're mailing out all their rejections. So... *fingers crossed* we should still be ok. I'm looking at the 20th at the earliest, but more like 3/30 to really start freaking out. Their spring break is 3/23-3/27.
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