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  1. Has anyone attempted to start the application for this fellowship? (American Association of University Women International Fellowship) The website says that you need to log in and take the Eligibility Quiz under My portal. The thing is, I tried several browsers and refresh the browser but there is no eligibility quiz to be found. Has anyone encountered this problem and/ or been able to resolve it? Please let me know. Many thanks,
  2. I have not heard anything about an enrollment deposit for grad study at BU. I just did some searches and still could not find it. Can anyone tell me whether that is program based (I am attending the PhD program in a different field)?
  3. Apparently the notifications for intl applicants to the Bren PhD program go out behind schedule by 2 weeks. Well and I thought that it is an April Fools Day joke. Has anyone who is accepted heard about finaid yet?
  4. Thank you. Have you firmly decided on BostonU? I should add that since my above post I have also come to the understanding that the Presidential/ Dean's Fellowships are only for entering students. And as I browsed through the other departments and talked to my prospective advisor it seems that the teaching fellowship is there for you as plan B but the department will try to give you better things e.g. RA without the commitment of teaching, external grants etc.
  5. Reading the comments here I feel that Boston is really going to win my decision. I have a question here for those that are awarded a Teaching Fellowship like me. It says on the website that every Continuing Graduate Student has to fill out a new Financial Aid form every year. While I talked to my department's graduate coordinator he said that the Teaching Fellowship is renewable up to 4 years. My concerns are: - To your knowledge has it ever happened that a graduate student (especially international) fails to secure Teaching fellowship/ financial aid at the same level in the subsequent years after first year? - For those who do not get the Presidential fellowship the first year is it even possible/ conceivable to apply and be nominated in the subsequent years? I am in need of guidance and will talk to the prof and other students but any comment here will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Yes I did. I think the email says 'no later than March 19' but regardless I am very curious about this MIA situation. So there is 1 MEM and 1PhD applicant here waiting. For those who heard back from UCSB, is it an email telling you guys that decisions are available or you guys just checked the application status page??
  7. Actually I received nothing from UCSB either. On the application status page decision is still unavailable. I wonder whether there are other people on the same boat??!
  8. Phew I have not done this (posing such questions etc) at all, DGS or POI. Thanks for the re-confirmation.
  9. I too second the opinion that all that was said and done was over, now its just waiting. But under what circumstance will you email the POI again? For example, when other applicants hear back and you do not? Or when based on the records here there are a couple that I want to email and ask already for example whether the adcoms have met yet but I think it is unwise and pushy. Or in either case I should best direct my questions to the grad coordinator?!
  10. Has anyone heard about the situation at Yale? Based on previous years records the PhD results are out in February and the MEM in March. I just want to know when the adcoms at Yale will meet (if not already). Oh yes UCSB said that they will notify by March 19th the latest, so its exactly like like year.
  11. If you really like the program and think its worth a shot you will try anyway, so dont feel bad. Its all out of our hands now:( One program I applied to only choose 10 finalists for the interview round and yet another only admit a 6 PhD cohort, and I already feel extremely humble and pressured!! I wonder whether environmental management/ policy related programs hold interviews too, anyone knows? I heard that Bren may invite you for a campus recruitment visit, what about Yale FES? And out of curiosity how come programs in biology/ neuroscience/ psychology release results so early??? Supposedly they must have earlier deadlines but why?!
  12. @ Swend Now that I have submitted all my applications but one, we will have to wait to find out. But if you search in the results for Yale, it does indicate something along the line. @ surprisecake Thank you. Its great to have some discussion to have the time pass by faster. To me really, whether a faculty contact is mandatory or not, I did not want to apply to a school where I have no idea who I may work with, on what, and what the professor is like. About Bren, yes, they make it explicit on their website, especially for intl students. I am very impressed about their being innovative and also the diversity of the subfields there. Do you happen to know anything about the funding situation at Bren? After all it is still in the UC system. Again I am going for the doctoral stream, which may imply differences from you guys.
  13. I am really glad to find other applicants to Environmental Sciences and Management/ Policy on this thread. I am trying for the PhD level though. I am puzzled every time I hear of 'the relationship' we need to establish at Yale FES. I mean, other than contacting a particular professor about our matching research interests and then letting him or her know that your application is in, what else does this 'relationship' comprise? Also do you guys know how much faculty contact factor in admissions at UCSB Bren and Yale FES? Thanks and good luck to you all (and to me!!)!
  14. @ surprisecake Its great to see someone else and also international applying to Yale FES this season. If I may ask, were you successful at establishing contact at Yale FES? And do you know how much that will factor in the final admission decision at this place? Thanks a lot!! Good luck to you (and to me!!)!
  15. A friend used to cheer me up by saying: whatever happens is good. I dont know what this application season holds for me, however rethinking of my college application season 5 years ago somehow makes sense. I only got waitlisted in 2004, reapplied in 2005 and got into somewhere and has been at school until now. That time was terrible especially when you tried so hard and were so young. Little did I know that losing a year compared to others I managed to avoid the previous PhD application season, during which it would have been very tough for me to get in with my in no way '4.0 GPA/ 1500 GRE/ 7 pubs' record.
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