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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question for newly admitted UCSC PhD students (especially for students with full funding or international students). According to email from my PI, I have full funding for five years via Graduate Research Student assistantship. BUT I did not receive any official financial statement yet. Since I am international student and would like to get visa, this document is mandatory requirement for my visa application. Did anyone receive something like official financial statement (if you did, when did you receive it)? I have accepted the offer two weeks ago and now I can no
  2. Cool, I guess for university it is very important to provide you everything in time because they are interested in you (I am trying to calm myself down with the same thought). I emailed my grad. coordinator 5 days ago with no response. They are probably very busy now since deadline for offer accepting\declining is April 27. I hope I will get news soon, or I will email PI and international office.
  3. Omg, I can't believe I found a situation which is very similar to my situation. In my case, things are not so bad about deadlines, since my international office deadline is July the 1st or something like this. However, I am freaking out right now too, because I can not do anything (like housing f.ex.) without financial statement. And my grad coordinator doesn't answer my email. I am also freaking out because they (PI, grad coordinator and program director) don't tell something like "please, wait, we will prepare this documents for you later". They just avoid answering this question. As I bel
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