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  1. Thanks. Did not know, that some programs allow you to bypass Master's level classes into their PhD coursework, and giving a personal viewpoint of someone who just made this kind of decision.
  2. Any idea on your specific research focus within GIS? Because that might be helpful. Also if you don't enjoy teaching students, RA position would be a better.
  3. @rising_star Thanks. Guess I will have to get over my fear of teaching students (gah!) unless I get lucky and get placed in research.
  4. Thanks for the all the information! And you too @geographeyy, Thanks for pointing out the funding issues and potential benefits of doing a Master's before PhD. Also the short-list of potential schools offering funding to Master's students is also useful (I knew ASU was possible but was not sure on the likelihood). And notice when looking at SUNY-Buffalo (one of my top five picks), that a Master's degree is required, which I am thankful for knowing earlier. Thanks you two for replying to my questions!
  5. So I am ready getting to start crafting applications for graduate school and I just heard that you do not have to do a Master's first then a PhD. So I was wondering my fellow geographers: Should I apply for my Master's then possibly get my PhD. Or just go straight for a PhD? The major reason I might consider this is funding as many programs do not fund Master's unless an exception is made, with most of funding towards PhD. So does anyone have advice for me? About this? And if I were to consider going straight from Bachelor to PhD, what I would do to improve my application to compete against Master's students?
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