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  1. I'm still waiting as well. Is anyone here a Rangel/Pickering Finalist? At the interview, it seemed almost every Finalist was still waiting to hear back and was in the 15% pool that didn't receive a decision. Sucks to be waiting. Sigh.
  2. I got a letter from my country's Fulbright Commission asking me to send in/ scan a form that indicates my desire to stay on as an alternate. The director wrote a nice letter saying that if one of the principals drop out then alternates are taken. Did anyone else receive a letter from South Korea?
  3. I know procedure differs from country to country but why is that the program managers each seem to have a different philosophy or rulebook in giving out information? I read somewhere that Croatia which only has four full grants to distribute has ten alternates while Lithuania has four full to distribute with two alternates? What's with that? IIE should make the alternate process more transparent and provide more information on it. It's our decision to stay on as alternates but its unfair to keep us blind during the process and to possibly not even receive a response in the end.
  4. I get annoyed when people tell me this too but it makes sense. If you were chosen as a finalist..an alternate for the Fulbright it means that strangers sees your potential and worth. So even without the research grant I'm sure you'll end up somewhere that makes you happy. This goes for all the Fulbright Finalists who may not end up with the grant =)
  5. Congratulations on that! Very happy for you =)
  6. I just happened to read IE in Madrid on your leftbar. Are you still planning to study in Spain even without the grant? What are you planning to study?
  7. How do you guys feel about starting a second sheet on the spreadsheet for alternates so we can identify who got promoted to principal status? It would be add another dimension of helpfulness to future applicants and more importantly, help current finalists informed.
  8. Baskin Robbins Chocolate Ice Cream Cake. Celebrating alternate status/feeling sorry for myself!
  9. I emailed the program manager today to ask about alternate listing and flatly denied an answer. "No, IIE cannot provide additional information on the Alternate list." I'm going to try to stay positive but it fucking kills me that I was thisclose. Being an alternate is like being in purgatory. Hahaha melodramatic much? Hopefully money won't be wasted on scholars bringing over their significant others or other misc budget draining situations so some of us can go on to do research.. Good luck all!
  10. HAS ANYONE BEEN TAKEN OFF THE ALTERNATE LIST...and received a grant? I hate waiting and being an alternate I get to enjoy the next month doing just that. FML.
  11. How long do you usually wait before you get a response from the respective program managers?
  12. Hey Korea, Spoke to Jermaine Jones on the phone today. The holdup is with FSB right now but the Korea Commission has made their decisions. He said Akeley will be back next Wednesday and he should have the specific details then. Best of luck to everyone
  13. for the South Korea research finalists, I got an email from a friend who is doing an ETA in the country. She just returned from the end of the year Fulbright conference and shared with me some relevant information "hey sandra! sorry i've been mia for a while. how are things? did you hear anything from fulbright yet? i heard that this coming year they accepted 21 researchers! that's an insane amount! i hope you are among the 21. we just had a conference in jeju, and for the first time, we got to meet the researchers, so if you want, i can direct you to a couple.... either way, just let me kn
  14. https://us.fulbrightonline.org/documents/handbook_09.pdf
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