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    and now for something completely different... TATTOOS. some of us have them, some of us don't. some of us want them and some of us want to get rid of them. if you have them, how are you going to handle it in your program? or the job market? cover up? or let it all hang out? anyone have experiences, positive or negative, that they'd like to share? i'll start: i'm inked all effing over the place. i can always cover them up with long sleeves and pants. i'm also nervous about how i will be perceived, but at the same time they're very well done and i get nothing but positive feedback on them (except from mom, but hey, go figure). and for those of you who are wondering: do i regret them? hell no.
  2. Kai210, i just felt the sweet, sweet pangs of false hope flitter in my heart.
  3. i'm wait listed all over the place. barf. my stomach has been in a knot for a month. i think i'm in good shape though...i received personalized, honest and supportive notifications from all three adcomm chairs. two of them suggested we talk on the phone. i've spoken with one (and he was very encouraging) and am slated to speak to another this weekend (and his email was very encouraging as well). somethin's gotta giiiiive!
  4. NYU rejection on the board. 4 spots out of 200 apps!?!? that's rough. 2%????
  5. i beg to differ... yes berkeley has a reputation for protesting, but 32% increase is ludicrous. and i think it's naive to say that the CA economic collapse is not influencing the UC system. plus, the OP wanted to know how the financial crisis was effecting the UCs. well, this is one side effect. it doesn't matter if the UC system is being effected by the crisis, the point is that the students are being effected by the crisis, which dramatically influences campus life, and to a certain extent, your life should you choose to enroll there. just my $0.02.
  6. i would be able to coast at my brainless yet secure job: save some money, chip away at some debt, and maybe take myself on a bad ass vacation.
  7. FYI: riots at Cal see video, as well as the link to photos.
  8. i'm cheerin' you guys on! fauxtog, who is sitting on her hands in anticipation of getting off the many she is on ps. figurefive, where in cambridge do you live? i grew up there
  9. here's the deal: tired of trolling the forums looking for a crumb of information that may lead to enlightenment about your admissions status? or, exhausted from stressing out about whether or not you're making the "right" choice in your final decision? or, just plain freakin out? post something to help us all get our minds off it! i'll start us off with some classic lisa simpson. 1...2...3...GO!
  10. it sort of sounds like you know which one you want to choose
  11. take funding. the more (financial) support you have, the less you will worry about surviving and the faster you will finish your degree. how much would it suck to be trying to study for your comprehensive exams while freaking out that you may not be able to make rent that month? or being so bogged down in teaching that you don't have time/energy to focus on your own work? these are very serious question, because undoubtedly you will have to deal with these scenarios (unless you are independently wealthy and/or have someone who can bail you out. but if you were/did you probably wouldn't be asking the question to begin with). either way, hope it goes well for you!
  12. well said, everyone! good luck to everyone, whether you're deciding between offers or waiting it out!
  13. on behalf of all the people out there who are in Wait Listlandia: please please pretty please, if you know for sure you wont be accepting an offer, tell the school. being in limbo sucks thank you. that is all.
  14. i recommend waiting it out. if you're really curious, contact the department office to see if you can get a sense of when notifications will be sent out. if you've done the leg work and talked with several faculty members before submitting your app, then they will remember you and know that you are very interested. patience! and good luck!
  15. still nothing.... anyone? anyone??
  16. does anyone know how often faculty go on sabbatical? once every 4-5 years? once every 8 years? if the faculty member who you want to be your adviser will be going on sabbatical at some point in your time in the program, when would be the ideal time for them to be gone? i've heard 1st-2nd year isn't a big deal but 3rd through 5th year it's critical to have them around. thoughts? anecdotes? anyone facing this same question in trying to figure out which program to attend? how is it influencing your decision? thanks!
  17. my status is listed on minnesota's site (and i received an email directing me to the site, but about 3 weeks after hearing my status from a faculty member). as for michigan, there's nothing new on my status for their site. but i was emailed by a faculty member this weekend and i called michigan this morning to confirm... sorry, hope this info helps... oh, i also know that michigan only had 6 spots this year too.
  18. i've been in touch with minnesota and they said all the acceptances have gone out. i've been trying to figure out my status on the waiting list. this is what i know about minnesota: they have 6 spots they admitted 10 people there are 3 people (myself included) on the waiting list the waiting list is not ranked that's all i know! as for usc: my last count was 7 rejections and 1 acceptance on the results page. and still no word from them on my app.
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