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  1. What Exactly are your research interest as this will really determine good schools for you. If i were you I would look through a bunch of programs and immediately nix anywhere where you cant find at least 3 faculty whose research seems interesting to you. WashU's DBBS program would also be good to look at as they are a very good program with hundreds of faculty to choose from regardless of your declared track
  2. Nothing better than getting a phone call acceptance from your top choice 10 minutes before a test! All I need to do now is graduate and I'll be a grad student this fall! Edit: and second acceptance email 1 hour later... Today is a good day (well aside from probably bombing that test)
  3. Rejected from JHU MMI PhD and instead offered admission into the ScM program, Had already written them off due to no response and too excited about heading to WashU tomorrow to care!
  4. Received interview invites from DukeMGM 12/11 and Uchicago 12/18
  5. University of Washington Microbiology invite! Dates are 2/7-9 and 2/21-23
  6. I feel the same way haha, i got spoiled by getting responses so quickly after the deadline (not even two weeks!!) so I am at the point where i just want to know what my schedule will look like this spring!
  7. First Rejection! Email from Wisconsin MDTP, Oh well 3/4 ain't bad so far!
  8. Cannot state this enough i feel the exact same way, was convinced i would be rejected from everywhere after seeing all the 3.9's 100 first author publications applicants
  9. Interview invite from Chicago Microbiology 3/3 so far, not even a rejection would bum me out right now!
  10. Have been reading/obsessing over these forums for a couple weeks but now that i am hearing back i figured id chime in to give hope to those with similar middling stats =) Undergrad Institution: Big ten Major(s): Microbiology & Genetics Minor(s): Biotechnology GPA in Major: 3.4 Overall GPA: 3.3 Position in Class: N/A Type of Student: Domestic Male GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 164 V: 168 W: 5.0 Research Experience: 2.5 years in a bacterial genetics lab, no pubs , 1 year partcipation in an HHMI project Awards/Honors/Recognitions: not really Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Special Bonus Points: Excellent recommendations from all 3 professors Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Applying to Where: Johns Hopkins MMI Wash U DBBS Duke MGM U Penn Virology UW Microbiology UW-Madison MDTP Ohio State Microbiology Chicago Microbiology UC Davis Microbiology so far have received an interview invitation from Duke and Wash U both of which i am definitely attending as they are some of my top choices. Was not at all confident that i would be a competitive candidate but on top of the world since getting the calls!
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