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  1. How did you find out this breakdown please?
  2. Happy for you, but yes it's hard to swallow. I have lots of publications (literary) and am in a creative-research project. This year, after working the application to make it much better, I received a much lower score than last year. It's really just ridiculous. Perhaps I had a not so good reference letter from my (now former...) supervisor. Who knows. Very disappointing as I'm studying in the UK and the cost of living here are double my Canadian funds.
  3. No SSHRC for me. I'm baffled by the selection process. I wrote a much better application this year, and had more conferences and publications (non peer-reviewed) but my score was even lower than that 11.2 I received last year (from which I was not wait listed). I think this is my final year to apply as I'm entering my 'writing up year' at a UK institution and my final submission date is September 2018. Does anyone know if one can apply for the November competition (direct applicant) despite completing their program in 2018? Congrats to you all who received an award.
  4. I did in fact go through my uni's SSHRC course when I was an MA (in Montreal), but am now in the UK so I'm on my own! Thanks for responding, I hope my non peer review items make a bigger splash this year. I also added quite a few conferences. Congratulations again, good luck with your degree work.
  5. Hi Briabot, Would you mind sharing what you did to improve your application from an 8 to a 15.3? I've gotten roughly a score of 11 the past two years and have had little idea how to improve it other than to continue publishing in my genre (creative publication). Thanks!
  6. Congrats JW! Would you mind sharing what publications (ie. writing, art making etc) or conferences or the like you included in your application? My research-creation project is in poetry and poetics and I've never seen one of those receive an award before...
  7. That's a great score, congratulations! Would you mind sharing if you had many publications, conferences or the like?
  8. Ah good. When I won the MA SSHRC I received a big manila envelope with many papers and notification letters and such. When denied the CGS, twice now, I received a small white envelope akin to all my tiny disappointments.
  9. Is it still the case that you get a big brown envelope if you win and a smaller white letter envelope if you're unsuccessful or wait-listed?
  10. Thanks for the beacon, I'll take it. It's my final year to apply as I'll be entering my last PhD year (writing-up year in the UK) for 2017-18. I applied for the graduate SSHRC the last two years but although was brought forward to the national competition nothing came of either year. I rewrote and structured the proposal completely differently this year. Who knows what it is they're looking for in the end. I was successful with an MA SSHRC so that's at least something I can take away if I'm denied yet again!
  11. Trying not to lay much hope on the possibility. I applied under a 'creative-reserach' project and it seems very few of these get through. Good luck to you
  12. I'm in the UK. The waiting is a kind of oppression.
  13. Anyone received a letter yet? (I'm studying overseas so I might expect mine a few days later than everyone else.) Thanks all
  14. I received the letter to notify me of their forwarding my app to the national competition yesterday, and I'm studying in the UK - in case anyone is waiting by the postbox the letters should be arriving this week.
  15. Received my letter yesterday (Feb. 20). I'm in the UK studying abroad. Good luck everyone