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  1. Since you are an international student, I don't think so. It would if you were competiting with American students, but most international students already have a Master level (or similar). I may be wrong, though. Anyway, what's sure is that it won't disadvantage you
  2. It would obviously increase your chances. But be careful, your email should look polite and motivated. However, it is my experience that faculty members are really busy so, even if they are interested, they could forget about your email. My advice is too send an email in october (they're too busy in september) to introduce yourself, wait for a few weeks (at least 4/5), and then contact them by phone if you don't get a reply.
  3. Hi, Concerning admissions, you have as good a chance as others for MIT but remember that admissions are never a given, so you should try looking for other universities as well. I don't want to discourage you but MIT receives lots of applications from students like you. It doesn't mean that you won't get in, just that nobody can tell you if you will or not except the admission committee. Note that you will also be evaluated on the reputation of your European institution (you didn't say anything about it) and the firm you worked for. About a possible fellowship, we cannot tell you as the university itself generally doesn't know until quite late except for students they really want. If you want to go to the us, you should be able to fund at least 1 year of study by yourself. If not, why not stay in Europe, it's cheaper... Concerning the GRE, you will need at least 790 in Quantitative, 800 is better (it is not a rule but it would greatly increase your chances). Anyway, remember that what's important is your SOP, as it reveals to the admission comittee who you really are and what your goals are. Good luck !
  4. Well, in term of reputation, I think Cornell is the best ranked. However there is little difference between those universities and your choice should also be made, at this point, on course contents. I can't give you any more advice since I don't really know well the transportaton program in each university. Perhaps you had a better feeling in one place and it could help you make your mind.
  5. Could you give more information, like : - what type of degree are you looking for ? - do you have funding for some and not for others ? is it important ? - are you an international student, or are you looking for an international career ? - do you have contacts in some place and not in others ? - ... Just like this, I would say Cornell (in overall rankings), but that's a difficult choice and I don't know what you're interested in.
  6. Why don't you contact a professor and ask him about your application ? I think most results have been given now.
  7. Just wondering... When do you plan to arrive at Stanford ?
  8. I really can't answer : I only applied for an MS. I think you could find more topics about your concerns on the forum. I understand why you didn't choose to apply for CS. My best advice would be for you to contact universities and ask them directly if what you want to do is possible.
  9. Hi, since nobody has answered to you, I will give it a shot. I think you profile is quite good and that you have a chance at being admitted. However, admissions are never a given. Some things you should think about : - Why not try a Phd in CS since it was your major in Germany ? (I understand that you're intersted in BioTech but perhaps it's not incompatible) - Try contacting a professor at Berkeley and discuss your project with him/her, since it is the University that interests you the most - Why Berkeley ? Do you have a particular reason ? Anyway, if you want something, try it, and if it's not working, at least it wouldn't be for lack of trying For the scores, just remember that they are mostly used for preselection. Just try to have : - at least 100 for the TOEFL - And for the GRE : Q 800 is always better (not under 780) V at 600 would be good And for Phd, I understand that AWA should be quite high (4.5, 5 ? can't tell) Anyway, the most important part of your application will be your SOP, and then your LOR.
  10. It depends. I have a friend who learned last year her admission by mail (in February, for EES). But I had my notification by e-mail this year. Mine was quite late so I tend to agree with timebarrier that you will be notified by e-mail.
  11. Why don't you contact them to ask if it's possible ? Some universities accept applicants after the deadline, just ask them.
  12. The term starts on September, 20, except if you have to take an English Test (TOEFL < 102), I believe. You also have some deadline to meet on September, 15 but everything is explained on the Website.
  13. Hi there, my admission was quite late and my University ID is not yet recognized by the system. Does anyone of you know how long it takes ? (I'm quite impatient to accept my offer of admission). Anyway, what program did you apply to ?
  14. I also got accepted in CEM program and my funding is pending.
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