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  1. SEG is overcrowded, 45 student all squeezed in an old classroom. some professors are good, some just can't teach. Stanford definitely doesn't put enough emphasis in the structural program. other science and engineering fields however are loaded with fundings.
  2. I believe it is, it's available on axess, even has the time slot and room scheduled. @Timebarrier, I do believe it's first come first serve basis, but on axess they show 999 available seats, I say there's no way you won't get to sign up for the classes you want, especially if it's a 200 level graduate course.
  3. How is everyone's summer coming along? Enrollment opened today, I haven't spoken with an advisor yet... but I'm gonna sign up for some classes anyways. Just wondering if anyone else is doing the same, if so what classes? mines are CEE 280 - Advanced Structural Analysis CEE 201D - Computations in Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 285A - Advanced Structural Concrete Behavior and Design CEE 285B - Advanced Structural Steel Behavior and Design what do they mean when axess says a class is 3-4 units? is it 3 or 4 units? That will have major implications on my tuition costs.
  4. s1u8n

    MS or PhD

    Apply for PhD, even if you only want a masters. It helps your admission and funding chances. You can always bail out of the PhD program later.
  5. you are all very beastly... 5 classes a quarter, are you kidding me? lol I guess I'm the only one taking the slow track, 9-10 units a quarter, 4-5 quarters total. Is anyone planning on going for PhD? Personally I think teaching is way less stressful than consulting.
  6. I'm moving in on the 11th too! Is anyone planning on finishing all 45 units in three quarters? I did not get funds, and I plan on working part time to help out with school. I don't know what's reasonable number of classes to take. On a side note, I got 3 job offers this past week, the constrution industry is picking up, and Stanford opens great doors.
  7. anyone know when is Orientation day for domestic students? is there a department orientation? when do we meet with advisors and sign up for classes? I hope everyone's summer is going well!
  8. can you ride a kick scooter on campus? or is only bikes allowed?
  9. If I get a job, I'll be working. But it's unlikely that I will. Take a cruise to Mexico, watch a lot of movies. sleep and eat a lot. play world of warcraft
  10. Informant, I think it's the best calendar/task list app out there.
  11. I received it via snail mail, the letter was dated May 4th. It said "available fellowships and assistantships have been accepted by applicants in the first round of financial aid offers." I guess there's no money for "2nd rounders". Since I don't get funding, I do plan on getting a part time job, or take more classes. I sent in the application for housing. My friend has priority so I will get exempted from lottery and just room with him. On a side note, I applied to 50 internships for the summer using the Stanford email, and nothing. Although firms are more courteous and they reply to y
  12. I didn't know they use a GPA cut-off... 3.9 sounds extremely competitive. I received a letter from Prof Law saying I won't get any funding. For those who got funding, how many classes were you planning to take per quarter? Also I'll be living in Escondido housing with a friend, moving in Sept 11th. I hope things are going well for everyone else.
  13. at this point, you should call them. hopefully your admission letter just got lost in the mail, or you're on a waiting list.
  14. anyone got information on domestic student orientation? I guess I'll go along with the international orientation week haha. what is this health form you speak of Rich? is it to apply for the health insurance? They told me to get an ID card the first week of school. I'm going to live off campus, near the campus, my girlfriend is moving in with me, and we only have 1 car.
  15. don't let $70 stop you from doing whatever you want to do.
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