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  1. Thanks to whoever posted that Rutgers had updated their website with decisions - I still haven't heard anything from them directly, but logged in and saw that I was rejected. Anyone still waiting on a decision might find the news online.
  2. Congratulations!!! What a feeling!!!
  3. I got the CUNY email and posted the first result...it was an individual email, but the information was definitely copy/paste style. I will be withdrawing my application, so hopefully that means good things for someone else's chances.
  4. I've only gotten one offer, but the deadline for written acceptance of the official offer is April 16th. I think they really appreciate early notification, though.
  5. Just found this thread. Berkeley is my biggest reach/best fit also, and if cost of living weren't so high it would be my pie-in-the-sky first choice. For reference, I applied to the medical anthro program to work with Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Paul Rabinow, or Lawrence Cohen. Probably should have gone with primary work at UCSF and mentioned Vincanne Adams in my app, but had a major lapse in common sense because it was a last-minute scramble to get that one in. Ah, well...nothing to do now but keep waiting...
  6. Still waiting to hear anything from CUNY here. Nothing but crickets yet. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know that feeling - just got accepted to my first choice today too. It's like being on a totally surreal cloud nine. So happy for you!!! I hope everyone on here feels the euphoria soon, soon, soon...
  7. Scroll up to the top of the page and check the nav menu tabs under the Grad Cafe logo...second to last one is Results Search. You can look for a specific school/program/department and see all the results that have come in so far and in previous years. It's true, though, it will start to take over your life...tread carefully, haha.
  8. We have so many of the same schools on our lists That's exactly how I feel as well... hard to interpret silence (and yet so easy to overanalyze)...
  9. Anybody feel like they bombed an interview? I just had one and it went by so quickly...I don't think I gave the kind of answers the POI was looking for, and talked too much about the wrong things... I wish I could go back and do it over.
  10. snowswirl, I just got an email this evening (after 6pm EST) - so they may still be sending out invites! Interviews are going until Wednesday. Fingers crossed!!!
  11. Same. Since I think it was "30 words or less" I figured they were skimming everything else, haha.
  12. keysopendoors - I got the same notice. I've also emailed back and forth with Richard, the academic coordinator, because there was some glitch with my writing sample. He said the faculty had reviewed the first few pages and asked me to send the remainder, which was garbled in the original upload. After I sent it, I got that email (today). I assume that email is going out to whoever's application they're in the process of reviewing...
  13. JHU is definitely reviewing applications this week, in case anyone is interested...
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