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  1. I still haven't received my letter! Is anyone else still waiting?
  2. I asked 3 new people for letters of recommendation. So far, I've been rejected to a reach school and am waiting to hear from 2 other schools. So, I'm not sure yet if the new recommendations will make a difference or not.
  3. I make pretty good money as an ABA therapist with only a bachelor's degree. Also, slpa positions are very rare especially in rural Indiana. I absolutely love my job and feel that it has prepared me immensely for implementing speech therapy techniques. ABA isn't an easy field, but I have gained so much exposure and experience to therapy techniques. I also work alongside a SLP, which is great experience.
  4. Hey I'm from Bloomington Indiana! I have realized that I probably won't get in this year as well. I graduated a year and a half ago and have been rejected for 2 going on 3 application cycles. Since graduating I have worked in ABA and am going to get my masters in ABA if I don't get in to SLP this time around. You should look into it! It has a lot of similarities to the SLP field.
  5. ENMU sent out acceptance, waitlist, and declination letters today For everyone anticipating this decision.
  6. I'm anxiously awaiting. I haven't heard anything either!
  7. I haven't been in contact with anyone. Hopefully it will be sometime this week!!
  8. Anyone want to share schools applied to or stats while we wait? I only applied to ENMU, so it's my only hope. I have a 3.4 GPA, 148V, 152Q, and 4.0 writing.
  9. I hope so too! This is the only school that I applied to and I am having a hard time with the lack of an application status too. Good luck to you both!
  10. Did anyone apply to ENMU CDIS for Spring 2016? I have been stalking gradcafe and cannot find any information about the Spring application season for ENMU. Is it easier to get into in the Spring?
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