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  1. I haven't heard back yet. However, I'm pretty sure rejections were sent via email and acceptances via postal mail.
  2. If you haven't heard anything then you are waitlisted! I did receive an email telling me this but the program usually says if you haven't heard anything then you are waitlisted.
  3. North Carolina Central University Class of 2018: https://www.facebook.com/groups/800840333355123/ The only member so I look forward to meeting the rest of you!!
  4. I haven't seen many people that got accepted here so I think you definitely have a chance!! Some people were accepted in late February and they are just now sending out more notifications. I hope you hear something soon!!
  5. Good luck! It sounds like you have a really good chance!!! Let me know what you find out!
  6. Did you accept your offer to NCCU? I'm probably going to accept mine and just wondered if you did. I'm looking for other people who are and to see if there is a facebook group made yet?
  7. I attended Purdue University and literally worked the entire time I was there so I ended up with pretty low stats. Undergrad GPA: 3.09 CSDCAS GPA: 3.39 And my CSD GPA was a 2.97 GRE Scores: I took it twice just to add more to my quantitative score. As you can tell, it didn't work. Quantitative: 142 Verbal: 152 AW: 3.5 Quantitative: 144 Verbal: 145 AW: 4.5 There is ALWAYS hope for those who don't have the best scores! A lot of it is about applying smart and unfortunately applying many places. I wish the best of luck to you!!!!
  8. Hi guys! I just got my first acceptance to NCCU and will likely be attending. I'm just curious if anyone knows much about the school. I'm out of state and haven't visited so I'm rather unsure about it. I'm interested in knowing basically anything about this school so if you have any advice that would be great! Also, I will be looking for a roommate so let me know if you are interested and attending!
  9. Hey! I just got accepted to NCCU. Will you be attending there? If so, do you know if a Facebook group has been made yet?
  10. I just received an email to check my portal because a decision had been made! I got accepted!! I hope you all hear the same good news!
  11. I haven't heard anything back from them yet. But they also called me about two weeks ago because my college transcript never made it there. I'm thinking about sending an email to ask if they received it.
  12. Thank you guys for all your advice! I guess my biggest concern is, if I need to reapply again, do I ask my old recommenders for letters again? What did you do for the second year applying?
  13. I'm from Jasper Indiana so that's really cool! So do you have a job around Bloomington or did you have to look further into places like Indianapolis? I'm just trying to judge on where I may have to move to find work in ABA or such. I'm also not quite sure on how to go about researching and finding a job like this? Did you have to get any special accreditation to work in ABA (besides possibly getting your masters)?
  14. Hello all. I'm currently realizing that I probably won't get into graduate school this year. I'm just curious what kind of jobs would help revamp my application and how to research these jobs. I'm from a small town in Indiana so any help/advice you have, would be helpful! Thanks in advance!
  15. I'm still waiting to hear back from 6 schools but it doesn't look good. I really thought I had a change at St. Mary's College but got rejected from there today. :/ I'm already thinking of what to do next. I'm not really sure what to do if you don't get into graduate school though. I'm free a really small town in Indiana so I'm afraid I'm going to have to move somewhere to hopefully find a job that will increase my chances of being accepted. Have you heard back from all of yours?
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