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  1. Just read your post and I think you have a great chance of getting in! Your GPA is awesome and your experience will really help. I applied to 9 schools first time around and didn't get in anywhere, so I starting working as a speech and language clinician, applied again, and was accepted to all the schools I applied to! My experience made a huge difference in my application. My GPA for comdis was 3.8 and my gre was 151 verbal and 149 quant and 3.5 AW. How are your letters of rec and statement of purpose? Those are also a big factor in getting accepted.
  2. Is anyone waiting to hear back from UCF for Spring 2017? Has anyone been accepted? I wanted to start an official post for this term so all the UCF applicants can talk/discuss/vent here
  3. I did undergrad at UCF (sorry I'm a little biased) and I've done a lot of shadowing at the UCF communication clinic and the Aphasia House and it's amazing. The staff and therapists are all very helpful and thats where the grad students do a lot of their therapy. They have the professors guiding them and the grad students all really love it. Orlando also has lots of options for schools, rehab centers and hospitals for you to work at during your 2nd year. Were you accepted for Spring 2017?
  4. If I were you I would study for the GRE and take it again. I think some schools may accept that GPA, but they would want good GRE scores too! It's good you are shadowing now though, that will look good on your resume.
  5. Good luck!! They told me they only sent out the first wave, so there is still a good chance you'll get in!
  6. If anyone else was accepted message me on here and I'll add you to the fb group!
  7. Congrats on getting accepted! My portal still says no decision but fingers crossed! I was accepted to Valdosta but I'm waiting to hear back from UCF before I decide.
  8. Has anyone heard back from UCF for Spring 2017 Speech Pathology grad school?
  9. Thank you! Hope we hear back soon. I've heard great things about the program.
  10. Same! I emailed them and they said any day after the 15th we would hear back
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