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  1. @MrsKozee, @JointPhD-Social Work Guy , @MAnthroAA Hey Guys, Congratulations everyone. Good to see great news coming in from everyone
  2. That's great @wongjcz congratulations
  3. @wisdomspeaks That would be very cool Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for best. No, I have not lived in the US but I have visited it and was there (Bay area) with my kid for about a month. So, experienced the lifestyle, people, culture and many more things in detail for that one month. Though I know moving there would be a completely different ball game. But i have always wanted to do my Ph.D. from a top school and it is in a way now or never for me. Let's see how it goes. Well take a call on how it works out for you. You have a admit in hand and If the faculty and the school aligns with your interest area, nothing better than that. Though i agree having a good location makes thing better cuz we gonna spend next 4-5 years there and then work opportunities after completion are much better.
  4. I too received an email from Berkeley to check my status. Not selected all the best to others.
  5. I too received an email from Berkeley to check my status. Not selected all the best to others.
  6. @wisdomspeaks Hey, thanks. Yes, I am quite confident on my LoR and SOP/ PS along with Work ex. But equally, I am worried about my GRE and less than ideal research work experience. I chose these schools on the basis of my research interests (comparative studies on Gender - Female + Homelessness), interaction with faculty, work area for my spouse (If selected, I plan to come on j1 with my spouse and 5 yr old kid) and of course funding. I am more inclined towards California schools (UC-Berkeley and USC) because of my research area and multiple options for job opportunities for my spouse. I also feel Chicago and Brandeis connect well with my line of work and research interest. Chicago, in fact is as good as a fit as CA schools but I am missing their TOEFL minimum criteria. I discussed my case with program coordinator there before applying and they suggested me to apply as they would see the entire application in a holistic way. Sorry to hear about UC-Berkeley, cracking it would be quite difficult as i read that they take 1/2 student only for combined MSW-PhD program and 5-6 for PhD program. Moreover, funding could be an issue there. I would consider myself very lucky, if i am able to get through it with funding.
  7. @wisdomspeaks Yeah, you are right. Malinda is really helpful. I just read that you have already received the extension. Hope this will help you plan and take the decision now. I have seen USC being not given enough credit around this forum but from an outsider (international student) perspective, Malinda and professors out there have been really welcoming to reply to queries. I was most disappointed with UCLA (Luskin) and BC (Boston College) as neither the admission coordinator nor any professor bothered to reply inspite of mailing them couple of times. Maybe international students were not of priority or something wrong with my approach.
  8. @CrimsonEyes Thank you for the update w.r.t UC-Berkeley. Keeping my fingers crossed on it. Good luck everyone !! @wisdomspeaks : I believe you should mail the program co-ordinator at USC (Phd). She has been really helpful with all my queries and i am sure they would agree with your request.
  9. @wisdomspeaks Thank you for your encouraging words. I am hoping for the best Congrats on making it to UB. I am an International applicant (from India) and i have already done MSW followed by MPhil - community health (intermediate degree here on the way to PhD). I have 12+ years of experience in both practice and policy including a little bit on research side across funding agencies and NGO's including UN and ActionAid. I have applied to UC-Berkeley, USC, U-Chicago, UW-Seattle, UM-Ann Arbor and Brandeis. Haven't heard from anyone yet. Lets see how it goes.
  10. @Val006 Thanks for the revert. This surely helps. Glad to see the thread bursting into life. @wisdomspeaks and @MCinephile Congratulations to both of you With your kind of scores, I won't be much worried. You both stand a very good chance of making it. I did rather quite bad in my GRE (both Q and V have less than avg percentiles) but Val006 has given me hope of sailing through.
  11. Hey Val Thank you for your reassuring words. Already feeling better with your experience. My scores are more are less same as yours (i read your experiences of admission process from last year threads). Glad to see you making to your first preference Just for information : is the funding offered by your college is good enough to survive or you are investing funds from your sources too ?
  12. Hi Kita Good to see you here. Lots of luck Believe me, i am too sailing in same boat. The wait might not be too much this time. Hope it goes well for all of us here. cheers
  13. Hello Wongjcz Thank you for encouraging response Makes me feel good. Where all you have applied ? heard back from any one yet ? Any idea why there are not many phd applicants on this forum ? cheers
  14. Hi Greetings everyone from India. I just thought to check with people here on how they are doing with their Phd admission process as there are hardly anyone who is replying here. I have been a fence sitter and going through lot of posts here in last 1 month. I wish i have discovered the forum earlier. After starting with a list of around 12 colleges, i eventually ended up applying to 6 for Phd in social work/welfare/Policy. (USC, UC-Berkeley, UW - Seattle, U Chicago, UCMichigan and Brandeis). My initial list (12) was based on funding, job opportunities for my spouse. I eventually shortlisted the 6 above on the basis of my interaction with faculty (as suggested above by Pippapants) and Program advisor/director/coordinator. It was made even more difficult by that fact that i didn't do well in GRE and eventually landed with avg scores (a travelling job and a 4 yr old kid didnt help much with preparation ) but still hopeful as i do feel that i have good credentials with work experience coupled with strong reco. I have more that 12 years of theoretical and practical experience across various fields in social work at UN program/international aid agencies. Prior to that, I have done MSW followed by MPhil (2 year program post masters which lead to Phd in India if you continue research) in community health from the topmost college in India. It was a long drawn and extensive process considering i was an overseas applicant (both GRE & TOEFL) and as a family it is a big step (change) for us as we are quite settled in our life with well-paying jobs. But i have always wanted to work in academia/research and a phd from a good college will help me reach that goal. Being in mid 30's i had to act now. Now just waiting for results to come out. I am right now in 50-50 mode over it and as the time is passing i feel my GRE will let me down. How are you people coping up with the anxiety of entire process...sorry for long post but i just thought that i can vent it out here cheers
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