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  1. @Kiren Thanks, I will be going to Wayne. Hopefully they get back with you soon, and yes they were speedy. I'm not sure what my plans are, currently it is only a half hour drive for me so I may stay in Ypsilanti for a while. However I will be needing to make friends and all that noise , so I am down to hang out in the D. As one of my advisors said, fingers and toes crossed. Also I am sure there is hope, they took 2 weeks and I also believe the SWAN program had fewer applicants than straight up SW.
  2. @MCinephile and @wisdomspeaks I too have joined that party! Actually I was quite relieved not to have to make a decision between heart and money. Good luck you lot! I know yo will all make this planet we live on a better place, one way or another ?
  3. @wisdomspeaks & @MCinephile thanks!! I enjoy that this thread is so supportive and most people have been accepted into awesome programs!
  4. Kept waiting to be banished from the realm of PhD'dom by some academic version of Galadrial or Gandalf. It seems my perseverance and anxiety pages off for through the dark and mysterious lands of applications came a shining light, beaconing me. Though I have found the light, I do not enter for I still await for one more notice a notice withheld by a powerful entity. One known to destroy the souls of those who enter.

  5. @MCinephile So happy for you !!! That is amazing !!!! @MAnthroAA I can confirm tgat I have also heard nothing. But I am sure soon. I think I will add to the good news, maybe collective good news will help everybody get in to a school they end up really enjoying. Yesterday I received my acceptance letter from Wayne State University!!! Funding will be unclear for a week or two, they have to apply for their students to receive funding after acceptance. I think they will push hard since they are a newer program and so far have onky admitted 1-3 per year. So very excited! Stress has all
  6. That sounds awesome!! I think everybody has different interview time lengths. I definitely understand the need to know. Here's to waiting !
  7. @wisdomspeaks Women are the ultimate nemesis of the patriarchy and the power of white heteronormative patriarchy depends on suppressing everyone who is different. We know that this is the only power they really have, if indigenous beliefs, customs, cultures etc... were allowed to survive and ethnocide never happened, colonizers would not have the same control that they have today. They wouldn't be able to create policies that allow social services to take away children based on perceived differences. They wouldn't be able to minimize the importance of indigenous culture and ultimately lives, b
  8. @wisdomspeaksI am definitely not surprised by the disappearance of indigenous women, especially when it comes to the creation of "adoptions" so that some colonizer can have a child. It breaks my heart to even think that people would harm somebody so that they could have a child, yet that is the premise of colonization. You move in, take what you want and forget about the wake of tragedy, death and destruction in your path, Now, please forgive me, I have to just get this anxiety off my chest and facebook is not the place to do it. It has only been day two since I interviewed 4/6 committee
  9. Also...I have no idea how long after the interview it takes to get an answer...sigh
  10. @MCinephile, First of all, good luck!! I don't know who you will be interviewing with but from what I experienced you will want to be relaxed and confident with your knowledge of what you want to do in the Ph.D. program. It seemed to me that they wanted to know that I was a good fit for the program and that I would be able to handle the education load. Make sure you know why you applied and why you want to Wayne. Make sure you ask questions, including what they are looking for, ask questions that show that you are interested. If you know who you are interviewing with, take a look at their bios
  11. @wisdomspeaks, your research interests sound great! There are so man social welfare policies in Canada that further colonize indigenous populations and child welfare is one of those issues. I think that it is great that you would step in and work toward fairer policies. ones that include cultural lifestyles from the already oppressed populations. I think you are going to accomplish amazing things in helping regulate unethical adoption practices! I am definitely with you on values versus prestige. Obviously, I am still waiting for UMICH but I did have my interview and I felt a subtle sense
  12. Omigosh! Thank you @MAnthroAA!!! It is not too late, this is extraordinarily helpful. My interview is Monday, so I am using this weekend to finish up figuring out what I should be doing. Thank you so much!!
  13. I guess I should say hello and join this community too! I applied for two joint Ph.D. and MSW programs in SW and Anthropology (BSW), I found out the hard way that there are only two programs in the nation offering this combo. I think that this is the best way for me to apply Social Work, the use of stories and data collecting through ethnographic research. I am really interested in how I can take the stories of those who are oppressed and create new methods of therapy that are not vessels for colonization for people of color. My application speaks specifically to trans-generational trauma wit
  14. Aye, two in one day Thanks for the info about Wolverine Access, that would be nice to know that it won't be updated. The U of M worries me with their unapproachable attitude and makes me wonder if I get accepted into multiple schools, would their program make me happy? @wisdomspeaksI am glad that you have been accepted into one school already!! Hopefully, it helps reduce the anxiety of rejection! Also hopefully, they contact us soon. I have, to say the deadline for Wayne was 1/10/16 and I was asked to interview on the 21st. U of Mich was due (as you know) was due 12/1/15 and it has been
  15. Allison/ @wisdomspeaks I am sorry to hear that. I know that it must hurt a lot, rejection is rejection. Hopefully, it was because they felt the same way and places like UMICH, Chicago etc... will be more in line with your interests so you can do the best! Stay strong, you have a lot of good qualities about your application and I have faith you will get into the right program for you. I can empathize with the rejection, but I also know getting into a program that doesn't fit you, never goes well either. Good Luck! Chris
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