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  1. Just got my acceptance to UW-Madison. Best of luck to you.
  2. Just got an email from Loyola laaate last night saying I've been accepted. Hope you're hearing back from places!!
  3. Naabekwe

    Seattle, WA

    Definitely interested in advice, or people who want to create a super academic flop house!
  4. University of Washington has also accepted me!! So excited!!
  5. Just got accepted to UIC with a nomination for fellowship! Good luck!!
  6. All great schools! MSU only got back to a few folks who were nominated for the university fellowship. They'll be getting back to everyone in Feb.
  7. I'm applying to University of Washington, University Wisc-Madison, Michigan State (accepted), UIC, UW-Milwaukee, Loyola. These are listed in the order of preference. So, probably not, but it seems like a GREAT program! Best of luck, hope you get it!!
  8. She's nice, isn't she?! I met with her in December. The faculty seems really great there too.
  9. It looks like there's going to be 4-5 different interviewers in the call.
  10. Hi all! Looks like I'm late to the game, but GRE scores: V:152 Q:145 A: 4.5. UG: 2.78, G: 4.0. Not the best scores, but my professional experience really makes up for a slacking UG GPA. Various invited and keynote lecturing to universities and conferences. Currently assisting with a research project, looking to publish as 4th author by end of summer. Almost a decade of clinical experience, as well as successful federal grant writing and management, and program development in a very specific minority community. My research focus will be Indigenous Human Trafficking. Applied
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