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  1. Dallas and bugs

    It happens, but not that bad. I think your cousin is a little bit over reacted lol.
  2. Well I suggest you choose UBC. 1st, you do not have to worry about money at all -> enjoy life, better productivity, less pressure. 2nd, the difference between ranking is not that substantial to take the loan. If you get offer from LSE and Oxford and full ride from something in top 40, take LSE/Oxford for sure. But that is not your situation.

    Well, the chance is that we do not know much about those schools, so the best option for you is to come each program and ask for student's opinion about the quality, coursework, career opportunity. Good luck!
  4. No. I dont think they will remember you when you apply for PhD.
  5. Well, 8th March is still early March to me :)) Congratulation!
  6. Need Help! Yale or Waterloo or UBC

    I think you should choose Waterloo, as your professors suggest. They know better than us which program is strong or not. From my knowledge, my professor had a master in statistics at Waterloo and got into Cornell for PhD, if you want to go for PhD road.
  7. LOR content

    Hope this helps
  8. PhD in ECE, University Selection

    Well I am outside of Computer science field, so my opinion my not be that correct. But if I were you? -Cross out EPFL as you want to study in US. - I visit USC before. While the school is good, the structure is...well you know. And the neighborhood is really unsafe (to me), with some area even without light and dog barking everywhere. So the choice for you is CMU vs UT austin. They are both top schools. Good luck!
  9. There aren't many PhD programs available at this time. The only school I know that is still available is Georgia Southern University. Here is what they sent me " We have a modern and coordinated Ph.D. curriculum in supply chain management that includes topical coverage on sourcing, operations management and logistics, solid methodological training in tools vital for high quality research as well as flexibility to tailor a portion of your program of study to your particular interests. For an overview of the program, please visit " Deadline is 15 March, so you still have some time left. Good luck!
  10. UW-Madison MS Economics . Need Advice

    The cost is too much I think. If I were you, I would not go there. Are you undergrad? If yes, you can try looking for job then reapply later. You can also decide whether you want a PhD or not after you have some working experience. If yes, applying for PhD (usually funded) is a better choice!
  11. Writing a Letter of Recommendation

    If your student apply for research degree, you can mention his/her research potential, contribution to the work ( if applicable), working attitude, communication skills , and may be out of work attitude ( less important than those first three things). If he/she apply for MBA or similar degrees, say about leadership, communication, teamwork,etc.. For both types, give examples/numbers to make what you said concrete. Do not just say that he/she is good/nice. Be specific.

    3 rejections in a row in 2 first days of March compared to Februgatory.. March is acting too fast too furious to me
  13. Decisions with No Options?! Help.

    Fit? Checked Money? Checked Reputation? Checked Placement? Checked I see no reason to not attend this school. You may wait one year to apply again, but no one can ensure that you will get into a better place. And as you said, you may be the only one who get admitted; therefore you will have all the professor's support. That is awesome. For me it is not worth delaying one year.

    Well, I feel kinda unexpected to receive an interview email at 12:15 am in the morning @@ The latest one I have received before that is 8pm. Good luck with your top choice! Spring break at some school is near, so that you should be busy planning what to do in the spring break :)) I am sorry to hear that, @katpillow I think if you try your best, you will do it eventually. Good luck!

    I emailed POI and got rejection email today. The result is expected. I feel quite happy to finally receive the result, even though it is a rejection, from that school after waiting for so long with no response. No more mental cost for that school