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  1. Yes! It was only after I felt Ithaca's sub-arctic winds during the recruitment weekend that I knew I it was the right place for me... Wasn't sure if I would see a Cornell post. I'll be matriculating this Fall in the graduate school (Psychology graduate field) ... I haven't talked to anyone else from my interview weekend - so no idea who else I'll be seeing in the Fall, so far. Have you started looking at places to live in Ithaca, and everything? Cheers, N3UR0
  2. Vandy NGP had two major interview weekends. The second cohort definitely has not received their notifications, the first cohort perhaps some of them have, but not sure.
  3. I'm curious what other people's perceptions are. How strong is the connection between graduation from 'top-tier' research schools like Hopkins, UCSF, or Harvard, and a successful career as a scientist? How does the name of the program you complete your PhD at compare relative to how much you thrived as a young scientist during grad school, irrespective of the program? What matters the most during your PhD years in beginning a successful career in research? Thanks in advance!
  4. hahah okay good! I hope you hear back from them - I'm not expecting them to send out invites until January, though. Either way, keep me updated if you hear back
  5. I listed a couple in my personal statement, but I am most interested in / have corresponded the most with Dr. Cleland. Hope this is a different POI than yours!!
  6. I believe Vanderbilt IGP (no app fee) and Rutgers have deadlines in January. Vanderbilt IGP has given out a few interviews, but it never hurts to apply!
  7. Hello everyone, Just to add my applications to the list: Applied: Umich, Duke, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Princeton, UCLA, Berkeley, Cornell (Psych/BEN), Northwestern, Purdue Interviews: Vanderbilt, Duke, Wisconsin, Northwestern Haven't heard from the rest yet, although it's still early in the game. More or less assuming Princeton and Berkeley are no-gos. Duke was probably my top choice, though, so I'm glad other people have the opportunity to interview at those schools
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