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  1. @hippyscientist how long is your program? Aren't you a first year? also SEVEN DIFFERENT PAPERS?!!?!???!?!!? I can't believe you're looking at postdocs already, I feel so inadequate haha. Saturday I'm heading off to Switzerland/Austria for a week-long vacation. I'm ashamed to admit I've never been out of the country but I'm excited to be fixing that
  2. Things are going well, I managed to pull off an A- in one of my classes How did things end up for you? I do plan on doing a lot of things differently moving forward, but those things don't seem to be academic - I want to keep going to the gym in the mornings, for instance (which I only started about halfway through the year), and I want to go to more talks. How about you?
  3. I've gotta say, maybe it's because I'm somewhat "old-fashioned", but in my opinion a "don't ask don't tell" policy in marriage is a shaky foundation on which to build a relationship, but alas, this is not marriageadvicecafe, it is gradcafe. That being said, I wish you two the best. I don't regret my time in a long-distance relationship, but I don't think that it's for everyone. It's totally possible to make it work - we ended ours (~3 years) because we were long-distance indefinitely (both in 6+ year grad programs, and I decided not to go to the same university as him as it was not nearly
  4. That sounds pretty terrible, but it depends on how demanding your program is. I have about a half hour commute into campus each day, and I've been forced to spend the night more than I would really appreciate because if it's 2am and I'm still in lab and have to be back at 7, it's much more reasonable to just crash on a couch somewhere on campus.
  5. Did one of those Sunday night. All-nighters for homework are the most discouraging experiences for me, but I think most people will resort to it at some point. I'm sorry
  6. The homework assigned this week is the hardest assigned all semester thus far. I'm 10% done, totally stuck, and everyone I've asked for help won't respond because I bug them every week, and it's due tomorrow. It's amazing how one homework assignment can totally ruin you, eh?
  7. For some reason PSU is far worse than Cornell for that it seems! I've been to State College a few times, and when with friends I always go to the Saloon to get a monkey boy (have you been there and had that drink? You definitely seem too classy to drink a pitcher of alcohol but sometimes I misjudge! ) and I've done so in the middle of July and in the middle of October. One was an enjoyable bar experience (if there is such a thing), and one involved being packed like sardines into an overcrowded bar full of undergrads who just wanted to get drunk.
  8. Yes. Here we actually throw a festival to celebrate the undergrads leaving. I can't wait for campus to be as empty as it was last summer!
  9. @MarineBluePsy I'm not sure how regular your sleep irregularities are, but you might want to see if your university health insurance covers (mostly) a sleep study! It's only a few hundred here ("only" ) so I know a lot of grad students who have done it and improved their sleep drastically. That being said, I hate when you can't sleep for no reason. UGH
  10. I'm so glad I'm not the only one a little frustrated with things. Hopefully your coursework doesn't require group presentations (read: group grade)?
  11. Am I the only one who has never really worked with other students in previous research groups? Previously I was just working with my professors (and profs at other universities) so I'm really struggling with group dynamics.
  12. Taking time each day to pursue hobbies is one thing that I have noticed ALL "successful" PhD students doing. I've found that taking an hour or two each day to devote to extra-curriculars not only makes me a more "well-rounded" person (which has its own benefits), but the time cost gives itself back in the form of increased energy for studies. At the end of the day, when I still have some more work to do but am mentally drained, I can play piano for an hour and get some energy back to go for homework/research round 2. That being said, depending on the structure of your PhD program i
  13. I can't believe all that has happened in the past year! Anyone else feel like it was EONS since they were in undergrad?
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