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  1. I got the full tuition plus stipend!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it. I'm still waiting to hear back from a few UK universities but I know for sure that I'm going to go, I think I'm just going to accept straight away. I'm so so happy, thank you guys so much for your help.
  2. Thanks again for your reply, it's such a stressful time and it's really hard to find people who know anything at all about the system. You know, just another 20k (like Chicago) would really be enough to push me to go. I might say this in my e-mail. Re. other offers, I tried to drop it in very slyly "I am pleased to have been offered a number of funded places..." but I think I might just push it forward a tiny bit more. I still don't understand why he said it's "rather unlikely" I would get the funding. I want to go to Yale, and the states, so bad . I'll try and send something off ton
  3. Thanks so much for your reply! I am hoping to continue onto a PhD afterwards in the UK and EAS is more relevant to my field (East Asian History), on top of that I've read that MAPSS don't give you much individual attention - Chicago is also less known in the UK (although I don't really care about that). I also have funded offers to do Masters at Oxford and Cambridge - not sure if I should mention this. I don't want to seem bolshie. And besides, I really want to study in the US. Peter Perdue said that what you said sometimes happens, but that might be slightly unlikely for me. Do you
  4. Hi everyone, I'm an international student (UK) at Oxford, I've just been accepted onto the two programmes I applied for, EAS at Yale and MAPSS at Chicago. I've only been to Chicago briefly, it seemed really cool, but from what I've seen it seems like the course is better at Yale. The only problem is I've been offered a 2k scholarship from Yale vs. a 40k scholarship from Chicago. I'm really praying they will offer me more funding at Yale, although my course director says this is unlikely (maybe because I'm an international student?). Does anyone have any thoughts about the t
  5. Accepted onto the Yale MA EAS with 20,000 funding. Really wish I'd got full funding, going to be a real scramble now I'm also a UK student so that might be why
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