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  1. Edit 2/27- Got a NO from Pittsburgh. Not sad in the least though since I had no intention of going there anyway.
  2. 16,000 per year as a combination of teaching assistantships, research assistantship and scholarships.
  3. It's true, at least the thesis is something to do... I have a google sidbar gadget that displays my email inbox on the right side of the screen... pretty much perfect for cranking out chapter four and keeping an eye on that inbox.. my desk happens to overlook the mailbox outside too, so I can stalk the mail lady... What I wasn't prepared for was the phone call from Canada saying my letters of recommendation were F'd up, but that I was accepted... gave me a boost of motivation to finish the bloody thesis though! Still waiting on Oregon and Pittsburgh with 3 weeks before I have to tell the Canadians yes or no.... sigh...
  4. SO did you ever find anything? I am in your situation now. Thinking about accepted a PhD position at UBC in the theatre dept.
  5. Orkilatrish

    Portland, OR

    Portland is my favorite city in the US. I am biding my time until I can get back there!
  6. Finishing up my MA Thesis in Theatre Education/Outreach at the University of Arizona. I just got my acceptance letter for the PhD program at University of British Columbia in Vancouver and was offered $16,000/year for four years. This covers school fees and gives me about $7000 US to live on each year and access to Canada's AWESOME health services. I am wondering if anyone else has had any offers and how this compares? I am still waiting to hear back from Oregon and Pittsburgh too... but I have 3 weeks to make up my mind.
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