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  1. Yeah, I'm really embarrassed to ask my writers to. Did you tell them as soon as you got the rejection or did you tell them when you started a new application?
  2. i've been looking into online programs too but some of them tend to get expensive but if it helps improve my skills and my chances of getting into grad school i wouldn't be opposed to paying for it.
  3. i'm looking into taking some short courses. hopefully all goes well in my next cycle. at least i'll be more prepared for it and i wont take no for an answer. haha
  4. thank you guys for the support! yeah it was definitely a learning experience and I'm definitely going to try and do better next year and will definitely apply to more than 1 school. lol. the biggest mistake i made this year was underestimate the competition and only apply to 1 school. i still can't see the purpose of my failing and what other door is opening for me but i try to think positive. i'm just embarrassed to tell my letter writers about it but i will just continue to improve my portfolio this year so i can show them how amazing i've become in a year. lol! how did it go for you this c
  5. I finally received my official rejection letter. Looks like I will be hanging out and whining here for another year. Lol
  6. I will try to keep positive tonight. Thanks
  7. Thanks! I'm not feeling confident though cause all the posts I saw were accepted so maybe they're taking their sweet time to send a rejection. ?
  8. Ahhhhh! People are already beginning to post acceptances from my school. Not the same program but still.... I keep refreshing my email and the application portal. Today is the day they're supposed to release the results but I don't know if I'm getting my rejection today. The anxiety is killing meeeee!
  9. I have yet to catch up on Castle and I already removed Young and Hungry from my list awhile ago. lol. i don't know why but Gabby is always giving me secondhand embarrassment so I couldn't watch it anymore. I did start another new show that I enjoy, Grandfathered. John Stamos aged like a bottle of fine wine. haha!
  10. So awkward! Ugh! What were the show writers thinking? ? I tried watching that new show on Netflix, "Flaked" but i couldn't get through the 2nd episode. Will Arnet's character seems super annoying.
  11. Omg! I know how you feel! I was really looking forward to jess' return cause was i expecting more John cho but nothing! Now it's just this out of the blue guy that looks like a Justin Long body double or something. Ugh! I got so excited on the first episode of the season cause of John Cho but we got more unnecessary Reagan instead. So disappointed.
  12. That's my number 1 choice at the moment I did check skyscanner. It gave me spirit and Alaska as the cheapest. Might go with either one of them but probably choosing Alaska thanks
  13. that sounds like such an amazing professor @gingin6789 wish all professors were like that. i have a question for everyone who traveled/traveling from LAX to Seattle.. which airlines would you recommend to be the cheapest? i'm looking for flights but i have no idea which airline to look at for the cheapest flight
  14. @hippyscientistlol! this is the right thread for ranting after all. :)) i like it that we can rant here with no judgments and we even get advice
  15. @hippyscientist just spitballing here but maybe you and your friends can have a group videochat before you leave and even when you arrive to your destination. i'm guessing emotions are running high cause a lot of things seem to be changing in your friend group such as you and your other friend are moving to different countries oceans apart from your other friends. the beauty of technology is that we're always connected no matter where we are in the world, right?
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