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  1. Hi all, I would like some assistance in deciding on whether to attend the University of British Columbia or the University of Alberta's political science PhD program. UBC has offered me 5 years of funding and a tuition waiver for all five years. On paper it looks smaller than what UofA has offered, but I got an entrance scholarship, RA position and there's the possibility of extra funding through more TA positions. UofA has offered a larger initial funding package, but I have to pay tuition out of it, they offered funding for only four years, and I cannot pick up extra TA positions to
  2. I got a rejection letter a while ago. Makes sense because I'm more of a political scientist
  3. With the current state of the academy, I'll take whatever job I can get. I'm a political theorist by training, but applied to Rice because I wanted to do some work in Posthumanism.
  4. That's what I thought. Though from what I've heard, Alberta has better funding.
  5. Does anybody know what the University of British Columbia's and the University of Alberta's Political Science PhD reputation are? I've applied to both and am wondering which has the better post graduate work prospects?
  6. Hi, Does anybody know what Rice University's English PhD reputation is? I've applied there and am wondering what my chances of getting a tenure track job are afterwards?
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