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  1. Ah ok! That’s good to know. I thought they didn’t provide any funding at all! Thanks for clearing that up 😊
  2. Congrats! I didn’t realize Cranbrook has funding - is it enough to cover tuition and living expenses?
  3. What schools are you still deciding between?
  4. Ok thanks! I’m waitlisted there for painting so just waiting to hear some news if a spot opens up ⏳
  5. Was this a campus visit for the incoming cohort? Do you know how many people are accepted for each area?
  6. For people who have gotten into all/most of their programs - would you mind sharing any tips about how you approached your apps? I’m on the waitlist at a couple places and am thinking I may have to apply again next year. Would love any advice I can get, especially if you applied to any of the big schools and got interviews or have been accepted. Feel free to PM me if you don’t feel comfortable posting here. Thank u for considering 🙂
  7. Wow congrats! Would you be willing to tell us how the process has been with them? What was the interview like? How did you approach the application? Is there funding? There’s so little info about them on these boards and it would be amazing to have some insight.
  8. What area did you apply to? For UT Austin there have been acceptences to painting and photo on this board. I interviewed with painting on 2/2 and haven’t heard anything so guessing waitlist or rejection at this point.
  9. That’s amazing! I’m really curious how you approached your essays - did you end up submitting the optional personal history statement? Did you list faculty you wanted to work with at the program? These were things I was super unsure about through the process.
  10. ((Whispers)) has anyone heard from UCLA 👀
  11. Just got a second rejection email from Rutgers lol sigh
  12. Yea it seems like the past couple years some people were just accepted by phone or email, others had a phone interview or chit chat phone call. So mysterious! Thanks for emailing though!
  13. Just chiming in to see if anyone has heard from UCLA painting yet 😬
  14. Has anybody heard about being waitlisted at UT Austin for painting? I know acceptances went out and I haven’t heard anything so I’m bracing for waitlist or rejection. Just hoping I could still be in the running for a waitlist spot at least...
  15. Thank you! Seems like they get later and later every year there!
  16. Has anyone heard from UCLA painting or have an idea of when they will contact finalists? I’m hoping it’s this week or next week 😳
  17. Got a rejection this morning ☹️
  18. Congrats! Are there still other people who haven’t heard anything from Rutgers? Is it possibly they’re sending things out in multiple batches?
  19. Congrats! What area did you apply to?
  20. Me too! How many emails can we get from UCI that are basically meaningless???
  21. Do you know of anyone who has gotten an interview with Rutgers? I’ve only seen one person say they got a rejection. I haven’t gotten any notifications either way from them so I’m hoping to hear something soon.
  22. Ah sorry to hear! I haven’t gotten anything from them yet - has anyone gotten interviews yet??
  23. Nothing from Rutgers here. Was so sad they didn’t send out interviews/rejections this weekend. Hoping it’s SOON!
  24. Ok thank you!!! Good luck!!!
  25. What area did you apply to? Do you know which faculty member it was?
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