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  1. I am still waiting to hear back from Michigan and Penn State in Mechanical Engineering. Does anyone have any idea when we'll know anything for their PhD programs.
  2. @Bugaboo thanks for the tip about the SmartWool socks. I saw they had good reviews so I just picked up a couple. I have no experience with the cold at all. Currently it is 90 degrees out where I am living which is going to make the transition to Madison very difficult. @mohanji I have been recommended for admission but not yet admitted. I think it is likely that I will be officially admitted before I visit. Good luck with your interview. Fortunately they seem to be uncommon in engineering.
  3. I applied to and have been recommended admission for a top 20 engineering school in Mechanical Engineering. I focused my application on engine combustion research as that is what I am interested in pursuing. Today I received an email from a professor in Engineering Physics saying that he is interested in hiring one or two grad students this year and that he would like to talk to me. His research is on composites and vibrations. I have experience working with composites but it was only briefly mentioned in my application. What does this mean? Should I talk to him about working with him? Will th
  4. Thank you two for your replies. I am not used to the cold at all(it was 85 today where I live) so I am probably not as comfortable with the cold as you are @pterosaur. Do you think jeans are acceptable given tha the invitation says to dress cassually? I am not female so I probably wont be wearing a skirt and tights.
  5. I will be visiting the University of Wisconsin, Madison for a school visit (not an interview). I have never really been in the cold or the snow so I don't really know how to dress for it. I assume that long johns are necessary but I don't really know what else. The email I was sent says to dress casual and comfortable. Thank you for your help.
  6. Undergrad University - state polytechnic engineering schoolUndergrad Major - Mechanical engineeringUndergrad GPA - 3.6/4.0Years of Research Experience - 2 summers national labGRE scores - 168 Q, 162 V, 3.5AWProspective Graduate Progam - Ph.D. Mechanical EngineeringProspective Graduate Schools - Wisconsin (contacted for visit), Penn state, Michigan
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