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  1. Don't write it off just yet! In early February, I got three rejections in one day and was literally devastated and thought I would be rejected by all the programs i applied to. Someone else on this forum told me "it's never over till its over" and I kinda just kept faith in that. Good news came eventually. Though it wasn't my top top choice, i am happy with the options i have. If it really didn't work out this time, you can always regroup and reapply the next year. Personal story--my boyfriend applied to 10 phd programs when he was a senior at a ivy university with a honors thesis and great st
  2. I think this would be very helpful and would like to contribute! Also, I have a question: Are PhD stipends taxable? If yes, how much tax is usually applied to the stipend? Does international students pay as much tax as U.S. citizens?
  3. Hey guys! I did the MuSe internship last year. They contacted me for an interview on March 13th and I received the final result on April 4th. So don't worry yet!
  4. To the person who posted about his/her stanford interview today, you are not alone! I think I totally screwed it up. Wish there is such a thing as a second chance.
  5. Hi Betsy! I was just admitted to Rochester's program of Visual and Cultural Studies and have been in contact with their current graduate students and faculty. From what I've learned, the VCS program concerns (as you mentioned) more visual mediums and is heavy on the study of Critical Theory. It is also interdisciplinary in nature and encourages students to take courses in other humanities departments (Literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, etc..) Thus, it would be a great place to go if you are interested in the social/political/economic functions of art. However, I've noticed that
  6. Anyone applied to University of Rochester?
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