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  1. Sorry I was away for a while. Cornell rejection hurt. Got drunk. The waiting's pretty close to treacherous right now. I wouldn't mind getting all notifications (nvm yes/no) from the five remaining schools, in a row, in a single day! Congratulations to the ones who made it!
  2. Does anybody have news regarding Virginia Tech?
  3. @sayantika congratulations! This anxiety's kinda killing me as well! :/ Did they mail you the conversation or phone? Many congratulations to the others who have been accepted, many many kudos to you all!
  4. The world's smaller than small; I'm from Durgapur too! Isn't this anxiety becoming too dramatic people?
  5. Just did, thanks a lot. But I couldn't find anything from OSU or VT there. And where did you hear about Cornell?
  6. @Anywordyet, where did you get that info about Cornell from? I have applied to it, haven't heard a thing yet. You have news? @sayantika, I am from India too. Where are you located? Does anybody have news about any of these places: OSU, Virginia and Virginia Tech?
  7. Thanks @holycat and many congratulations, you made it! @jeavey, thanks for the inside info. Please let us have further news about it should you have any. @sayantika, where are you from? What schools have you applied to?
  8. Why does this thread seem to have gone dead? I have applied to the following programs: Cornell, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Alabama, Boston and Mississippi. Mississippi Stage 1 results were due January end. Anybody has news there? How are you people doing with anxiety?
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