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  1. I hear you! I also just recently found this website, it would have been helpful to hear about it earlier! What school did you get into?
  2. Would you be going there for an MA or PhD?
  3. Congratulations, that is wonderful news!!!!! And same here, still waiting on UNC and many others school!
  4. Hi Jhlasa, I think at the end of the day it comes down to fit, and by fit I mean not only the fit within the department but also within the outer space. Have you had the opportunity to visit both institutions? If not, I would inquire to see if this is an option, It could really help you in making a decision. I believe the program at Wisconsin is longer, (are you going in with a BA or an MA?) but on average PhDs take 5-6 years, so I am surprised to hear that Santa Barbara has a 4 year program. I hear you, it really does feel like a never-ending process!
  5. Yes it was pretty intense, just glad to be on the other side now!! And i agree, the funding is an important part of our decision making process. Theres a good tool for assessing the living cost of different cities: https://www.nerdwallet.com/cost-of-living-calculator/?trk=nw_gn_2.0 hope it can be of some help!
  6. It seems like a few of us are still waiting on UNC Chapell Hill, although some people have already gotten acceptances!!! Good luck everyone!!!
  7. Congratulations! That is wonderful news!!
  8. Yo también sigo esperando de UNC Chapel Hill
  9. Hey! I've heard back from University of Chicago, Nortwestern and Indiana (accepted to all!).I've been interviewed by Tulane, Michigan Ann Arbor, and the CUNY Graduate Center, should be hearing back from those soon. And just had a phone conversation with someone at Yale so still waiting on that as well
  10. Hello everybody! Has anyone started to hear back from their applications yet? I applied to 17 programs and have only heard back from five thus far.
  11. ¿Adónde puedes ver el foro de resultados? Soy nueva por acá
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