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  1. 3.9+ GPA, research experience, even went to Chinese Academy of Sciences for research. I got rejected by many programs. I was like "nah, I'm rich (I'm not!). I applied for fun." and then cried when I am still on a chin rest doing experiments.
  2. Aha, I am going to Wisconsin this weekend too. I am interviewing though. Since you said you are on a visit instead of interview. I would assume that you are already admitted. If that is the case, dress as much as you can to feel warm and comfortable. Wisconsin winters can be brutal for someone from California. If you are not yet admitted, I would go with business casual. Wool suits with wool top coats and all the gloves, cashmere scarf, and hat for male. For female? I do not know
  3. @bugabooo Thank you for your advice. I decided to write actual letters instead of emails because I am certain there will be a few weeks until the AdCom make a decision. The letters will arrive before they meet. The PDF attachment is kind of weird, but I guess current graduate students know better. @TakeruKI thought it would be weird too if I send emails just telling them that I wrote a letter. I am simply afraid that the letters will be lost by USPS. I lost a few letters and packages in the past five years. And thanks for you input, @rising_star.
  4. Hi guys, I am applying for Psychology PhD for Fall 2016. I recently went to several campus visits. I know that I am supposed to write thank you letters to professors that I have interviewed with. I sent them handwritten letters (which I personally think is better than emails). Should I tell them via email that I have written such letters so they might expect the letters show up in their mailbox (and in case USPS lost my letters)? Thanks guys.
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