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  1. Hello, I have secured admission in 1. MSCS from CMU and 2. MEng in EECS from UCB with specialisation in Visual Computing and Computer Graphics with $16,000 grant I am confused between the two as I am not sure if a one-year MEng program would be treated equivalent to an MS, when it comes to job prospects. My aim is working in the industry, preferably industrial research at places like Disney Labs, or Dreamworks Research. I am pretty sure I won't be doing a PhD in the near future, at least. Will UCB give me an edge as the program is industry centric with an intensive cap
  2. Hmm, well thanks! At least that's clear now. I just wish they would give an official reject soon and get it over with so that I am sure. I think everyone agrees waiting is much harder than facing rejection
  3. I have no hope from MIT (just because no papers), but I haven't heard anything so far from them. The site just says check early March for results. Should I just assume it's a reject now? I am getting tensed because I have no admits for MS/MEng so far! I applied in the Computer Graphics and HCI area.
  4. Hi, I have applied for EECS MEng. I had an interview on 11th February. I am not sure whether that means it's a further shortlist or anything? Results are expected around mid-March if I am not wrong?
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