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  1. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    ECE MEng at UIUC vs CS MS at UCSD?

    Plus CS > ECE
  2. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    Stanford ICME vs UIUC CS (Scientific Computing)

    UIUC is a great school, but not as reputable as Stanford. Also the weather and quality of life at UIUC is much worse. Go with Stanford and try to get funding afterwards
  3. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    ms in ee at cmu vs ucsd

    When you say "intern", do you mean a summer internship at a company or being a research assistant? Honestly, CMU and UCSD are both on par for EE. I would assume that CMU SV has way less class options and cost more.
  4. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    Fall 2018 EECS applicant Profiles and Choices of University

    congrats! why not apply to Caltech, Berkeley, or CMU SV if u applied to Stanford? Which one you going?
  5. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    ms in ee at cmu vs ucsd

    why do you want research opportunities? isn't a ms just classes?
  6. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    Berkeley MEng 2016

    2 years on, I have to say that I am glad it didn't work out :).
  7. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    Help - Stanford vs VTech

    Sounds like the only thing going for VT is a specific advisor. Everything else is heavily in favor of Stanford. Stanford is the obvious choice and will open many doors.
  8. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    MIT ME masters or GaTech Robotics PhD

    It's MIT, you have to go!!!
  9. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    Duke vs UIUC for MS in Data Science

    I would pick UIUC because they have strong computer science and engineering. Plus it is much cheaper.
  10. If both programs are the same cost, i would cost CMU because it has a much better ECE Program. It doesn't really matter that it starts in Spring
  11. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    Between an Ivy and a Hard Place

    Ivy leagues are not prestigious in CS
  12. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    UW or Harvard?

    Dont come to Cambridge, it is super cold and drivers are terrible. Stick with West Coast!
  13. TheMostPowerfulApplicant

    Stanford vs. MIT for ChemE PhD?

    Both are equal in terms of helping you reach your potential. Go with Stanford for the better weather and options to pivot to Tech if you realize that academia is not for you.
  14. TheMostPowerfulApplicant


    CMU offers so many different and specialized masters programs... its kind of overkill
  15. Name brand of grad school is most important if you went to a weak undergrad institution.

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