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  1. Where have you finally decided to go? Even I am confised between the 2
  2. Hey, Which program will you be going?
  3. Yep same. Seriously hoping we get a decision soon.
  4. Which program are you waiting for MS CS? or EECS MEng?
  5. Yep sure. I am actually waiting to hear from Berkeley (most prolly a reject. But hope is hope :P) Might know surely after 15th. Then its almost certainly CMU. I have spoken to some 4 seniors - its an extremely intensive program, but worth the slog
  6. Thanks for putting forth these points. They make a lot of sense! I might have missed it, but I thought you got into Ithaca campus for Cornell. Yeah Cornell Tech is Entrepreneurship focussed. Ithaca one, not some much. But the Ivy point is a good one
  7. Hey, I received Cornell Meng CS like yesterday, so now I am considering CMU MCDS vs Cornell MEng CS. prospectiveCS44, could you share why you chucked out Cornell MEng? I mean both universities are prestigious. (Cornell also being an Ivy League.) + MEng is a shorter program: you can quickly go back to earning.
  8. Yes, exactly! Its very hard to say no to a number ranked school! And from the research I've been doing in the past couple of days, a prestigious school does increase the "RESUME VALUE" by catching the eye of employers. And as far as the specializations in concerned, MS CS programs make you select a focus early on. And you end up with a lot of classes in one specific area. MCDS gives you 3 electives. I think we can always use that to take courses that span a broader area. I will most probably be going with CMU.
  9. Shortlisted these 2 among the admits I have received. I am more inclined towards joining the industry after graduation: SDE or Data Scientiest roles. CMU MCDS. Pros: PRESTIGE Great coursework. Cons: EXPENSIVE I am concerned that the specialized nature of the degree will affect my future prospects UCSD MC CS Pros: Very inexpensive if I manage to TA/RA Cons: Not as prestigious as CMU Please help me decide between the two.
  10. Hey! What did you finally choose? CMU MCDS or UCSD MS. I am in the exact same dilemma. Any hep would be highly appreciated!
  11. Hi, Where did you finally end up going? I have received admits from UCSD(MS CS) and CMU(MCDS). And I am very confused between the 2.
  12. I am in the exact same dilemma. But with CMU MCDS vs UCSD MS CS. "I mainly want to look for jobs in SWE but so far in undergrad I focused more on data science so I may continue on to develop a career as a data engineer." -- applies thoroughly to me too. I also have 2 yrs work exp as a data engineer. So I am looking at Data Science and SWE roles after graduation. I am confused. Do lmk what you finally decide!
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