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Stanford ICME vs UIUC CS (Scientific Computing)


Which program?  

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  1. 1. Which program?

    • UIUC Comuter Science (scientific computing)
    • Stanford's ICME

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I have been admitted to Stanford's ICME program as master student (no funding) and UIUC's fully funded PhD program in CS (scientific computing group). 

While UIUC is slightly stronger in the research fields that I am interested in, Stanford program is in a lot better location and is a little more appealing to me in terms of its reputation. 

However if I were to choose Stanford, I would need to pay for masters out of pocket and still deal with the uncertainty of getting into the Stanford's PhD program (minimum GPA requirement, quals, and finding faculty with funding who would take me on). 


Any advice on choosing between the two, especially from Stanford or UIUC students, is greatly appreciated. 



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@TheMostPowerfulApplicant Thank you for the reply.
You're 100% correct regarding the things you have mentioned. In addition, I would say courses at Stanford are bit better taught and they are on quarter system, which I see as a plus. 

However, as far as actual PhD work goes the faculty at UIUC seem to be doing more of the things I am interested in. I could still probably research the same thing at either school, but I would need to put in a lot more leg work to make it happen at Stanford, in addition to all the funding uncertainty. 

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