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  1. Thanks! Yeah, definitely very late hearing back. I've been a nurse for almost two years at a large hospital and at a community health centre, so I'm still pretty new. My letter of intent focused on my experience working with refugees, homeless people, and the Aboriginal community. I also volunteered for Best Buddies and at a children's hospital for a few years. My GPA was 3.7-3.8ish (last 2 years) with a B+ in stats. No publications, no research experience, and minimal scholarships/awards. It was my second time applying to UBC, as I was waitlisted last year. Don't lose hope!
  2. Hi friends! I was accepted to UBC's MPH/MSN program today, and I'll be taking this offer since this is the only program I applied to. Good luck, everyone!
  3. Waitlisted at UBC for the MPH/MSN program. It was the only program I applied to, so I'll be reapplying next year. The email I received stated that the waitlist will likely not be moving. About me: BScN with a 3.8/4 gpa, one year of experience as an RN in the hospital setting, volunteering in the community and at the children's hospital, solid references, no research/publications, and little public health work as a nurse. Good luck to everyone!
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