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  1. I really dont know. I have the econ requirements and am not applying for the joint program. Idk which genius came up with the idea of telling candidates their application has been put on hold. Makes it sound like theres something missing in the application.
  2. I got put on hold too i called she basically said that means waitlisted. ? So sad.
  3. Applying for MA but havent heard yet either. It does say "starting" Monday though haha maybe just be patient. They probably are receiving lots of emails anyway. Good luck!
  4. See that just sounds ridiculous to me. If they will be ranked against each other when a spot comes up then technically it is by ranking, we just cant know what it is.
  5. I'm not sure about rounds but they only admit 80 students per year (according to the FAQ section). But it also seems like quite a few candidates offered choose to accept admissions elsewhere! Someone in admissions might be able to help answer that. x
  6. Lol don't doubt yourself! I hope you get in I had a much much lower GPA than that so I'm just glad I got accepted to GSPIA. All the best! Anyone know if second round of offers have gone out for MGA? Or anywhere else?
  7. That is quite late considering some people have to make a decision by this week! My letter from gspia said by march 29th. Anyone else?
  8. Hi everyone, I also received acceptance emails from the MIPP program and from GSPIA. Just wondering why people are leaning towards GSPIA as opposed to Munk for example (other than for financial reasons). I kinda assumed the MGA program is "better". Took a look at their courses and damn they look awesome! Even in comparison to GSPIA. I had a pretty low GPA so I'm not expecting to hear from others. They will send u a response either way, right? All the best! xx
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