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  1. i think they're gonna up date us in the coming months
  2. did anyone apply for scholarships or grants? i got into munk and I'm trying to find alternative sources for funding. i missed the OGS deadline btw
  3. I believe Apr 1 is the deadline to communicate my decision. Funding is evaluate separately apparently. Hope this helps
  4. i just got accepted to munk...however, no funding atm. i'll post asap when i make a decision and update everyone. i believe the deadline is set for april 1.
  5. i havent heard about second rounds offers from munk yet. hopefully tomorrow!
  6. only MA! whatre you thinking of writing your dissertation on?
  7. you guys think mar 16 is judgement day or what lol?
  8. same here! what's your status at Munk? still say "under review?
  9. i've actually got a friend in msc if you want me to connect you two
  10. wow congratulations everyone! for those who got accepted, how come you were thinking of rejecting the munk offers? cost related or something else?
  11. has anyone contacted the program directors for munk, npsia, bsia for a status update on when decisions will be released?
  12. i believe mine is under review if i recall correctly.
  13. ok cool anyone hear back from npsia, bsia, or munk yet??
  14. ya that's what i've heard from a couple people. i'm guessing that you could find development banks pretty accessible because of munk. do you know if npsia offers any internship too?
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