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  1. Has anyone heard anything at all from Munk after everyone was waitlisted in March??? Or know of anyone that was lifted off the waitlist? Or emailed them or anything?
  2. Most creative username I could think of haha! But good luck... Really hope you get in too. Sucks not having a backup
  3. Not yet... I'm giving myself until the end of April. If I don't hear back by then I'm gonna need to move on and apply for internships or something...
  4. Seriously i know i dont know u at all but be positive. A positive attitude can change everything and I learnt this myself very recently. It wasnt meant to be and its probably not meant for me either. Just dont give up. Its ok to be upset. Just pick yourself up after your over it and find other ways to achieve your dreams (as cheesy as it sounds) and theres always many ways of doing so.
  5. For munk: Does anybody know how they assess waitlisted people? The email says "Please note there is no ranking on the waitlist. All applicants on the waitlist will be assessed for a place in the program should one open up." This means the strongest applicant within the waitlist is then assessed once a spot opens up, right? Apologies if this is too dumb of a question lol. I'm just losing all the hair on my head over this!!!
  6. So sorry to hear that! Everything happens for a reason Reapply next year! Also, do u mind me asking was it munk that rejected or another uni?
  7. Congrats on your acceptance!! At least one person on this forum got some good news!! And does your email say April 1 is the last day to decide? Or april 1 is when they will let u know about the funding?
  8. I wonder too. I want to email her but I don't want to bother...
  9. Thank you for your encouraging words really means a lot Just curious.. How many round of offers does munk have anyways?
  10. Hi everyone, just discovered this forum! I go to UBC, and only applied to MGA because I was so determined to get in... Haven't heard back yet so now I'm feeling like a total dumbass for taking such a big risk -.- Anyone else from UBC on this forum? And what do you think chances are like for someone with an 82% final year average, 2 very strong recommendation letters, and a decent SOP with good content and maybe some small grammatical mistakes? I'm so screwed if I don't get in... Tired of being patient urrgh!! Also, congrats to everyone who got accepted already
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