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  1. On SAIS vs. SIPA: SAIS is a much smaller school and you get much closer to the faculty etc in your everyday life. I'm sure SIPA is great, but probably won't give you as much one on one time with your professors. The close community is really what makes SAIS special. Just my two cents!
  2. Hi! Apologies for the late reply! SAIS decides financial aid mostly based on merit, and I think they rank candidates prior to deciding. So unless everyone else above you on the list declines, I'm afraid the chances are slim. But: if you do very well in the first semester (as far as possible above 3.4), you can get funding for the second year! That certainly happened for the people that did really well. Best of luck!! Karina
  3. Hi! Sorry about the late reply! Welcome to IDEV!! - Yes, you get your login details pretty quickly. What they probably don't tell you is how to use them.. All the useful info about Bologna and the classes there are at the website called BCweb. It looks silly but everything is there so check it out - Depends on your interests, but out of the IDEV relevant programs I've really enjoyed prof. Mazza's class on labor markets in development countries and prof. Amann's class on Latin American economies. Both are taught in the spring. I also enjoyed doing macro and international monetary the
  4. Hey guys, I'm a 1st year MA student at SAIS Europe in Bologna (IDEV) - let me know if I can help you with anything! People were very helpful to me here last year so want to pay it forward.
  5. Thanks for your help guys! I was admitted to both SAIS (waitlisted for IDEV) and Sciences Po (IPM) so it will be a tough decission. SAIS offered 10K a year but is still more expensive. Wish I had a fortune teller to tell me what to choose :-)
  6. I'm in at SAIS Europe too! Colocho, where did you get the info about 21st?
  7. Hi everyone!I'm having difficulties choosing between LSE, Sciences Po PSIA and Johns Hopkins SAIS for my masters degree. I have received an offer from LSE, for the MSc International Relations. Waiting for response from the other two. I've applied to the International Public Management programme at PSIA and the MA (International Development concentration) at SAIS (first year in Bologna and second in DC).My background: I'm european and have two bachelor's degrees in Comparative Politics and Journalism. Professional experience from international development/foreign service, politics and news medi
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