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  1. Any international students moving to pursue masters at RWTH Aachen University this winter semester ? Share your plans !
  2. Oh...waiting till mid-may sounds very bad....:-( When I contacted they said April End.
  3. Any news yet ?? I had some rejects this week from some US universities...SO need a really good news this April now !!!
  4. I want to ask those who have applied for the MASc program at UBC- Is contact with the Professor absolute need to be admitted ??? I mean, they have asked about the POIs in the application itself right ? then why the need to make contact with them ?
  5. I emailed them . I have applied to the Vancouver campus. They said they have received a huge volume of applicants and said that all applications are "under evaluation". Decisions by end of April. .... Fingers crossed !
  6. Same here !! No notification.I was so freaked out during the last few days. Now march too has ended.. Haven't seen any results yet.
  7. Nah..Nothing new..Thats why I asked..Some universities have a "Under Review" status ..May be UBC doesn't have.
  8. Congrats.. I have applied to UC Davis EE program for masters.. When did you apply and received their decision ? And if you have admits from UCSD and UMIch, then i think your profile must be damn good !!!
  9. BTW, did your application status for UBC MASc. changed from " SUbmitted" to something else.??
  10. The wait game is excruciating! HaS anyone heard from the department regarding decisions for ECE MASc. 2016 Program ? And Fellow Seniors if any.. how competitive it is to get into this program ? feel free to share your experiences !
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