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  1. For LBJers of 2018, I created a FB Group. Go here to join it. If you want to be an administrator, let me know. I will be busy over the next few months, as I'm sure many will. That being said, I don't imagine I will have much time to post or organize things in the group, but wanted to create a space for the LBJers of 2018 to connect on FB.
  2. I've talked with admissions a couple of times. Here's what I heard: Admissions is rolling on a six to eight weeks basis, even if you applied to the priority deadline like I did. On top of that, even if you applied to the priority deadline, all of your official docs must be submitted before that six to eight weeks period starts. So I applied in December, but one of my transcripts took a generous amount of time to be mailed to Georgetown and so the six to eight weeks period started for me about one month after I submitted everything else. Regarding Financial Aid information: I called them on Monday and they told me that all financial aid information would be sent out in the next week for admitted students. This appeared to be regardless of whether you were admitted last week or a month ago. Not sure what all of that means, but they said we can expect to receive an email directing us to an online portal with all of the information regarding our financial aid package. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks Briana! At this point, I'm all but going to LBJ barring a huge upset in funding from McCourt (who said just yesterday via phone that they're sending out funding information in the next week). Not to mention, I've been spending some time at LBJ since I live in Austin, learning about the different centers & specializations they have. It seems pretty great. I'll likely be accepting in the next week or two.
  4. Hey everyone, Longtime reader of the forum, but new poster. I have received offers of admission from the LBJ School at UT-Austin and at Georgetown McCourt. Also, I am wait-listed in University of Chicago. LBJ has offered me significant funding and Georgetown has not released their funding decisions just yet. Currently, I'm living in Austin and hope to practice policy in Texas. I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but I'm trying to get some folks perspective who have been to one or the other. My profile is that I'm an older grad student (thirty) who has worked for six years in public education, completed Teach For America, and have a family, so reapplying next year or the year after does not sound realistic for me. I'm not interested in foreign relations as much as I'm interested in domestic policy, focusing on things like education, welfare, housing, poverty, and other forms of inequity. I'm curious to know if anyone has thoughts to share why LBJ or why Georgetown McCourt. My understanding is that McCourt is a newer program. I used to live in DC and know it's a great university, but I wonder how much that would translate nationally, especially with it being a newer program. At the end of the day, I just want to make sure I'm thinking through my decision 100% as this is my one shot to attend policy school. Thanks everybody!
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