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  1. Yes, thank you for taking the time to reply. I was recently admitted with good funding and I am seriously thinking about accepting. If you don't mind: have you had time for a job? Also, how have you liked living in Pittsburgh? Are faculty great?
  2. What is the consensus surrounding this school? I don't see it mentioned often. Any students/alumni here that have gone or go here? What is your experience?
  3. It seems they have adjuncts but I don't know to which extent. I hear good things about Bush. What is the consensus around GSPIA?
  4. Security. I think both programs are a good fit curriculum-wise. (MPIA Pitt, MIA Bush) I have visited Bush but not GSPIA, and I was left with the impression that it is an up and coming program. I am being offered more benefits at GSPIA however.
  5. Hi everyone, I got accepted into GISPIA at Pittsburgh and at the Bush School at TAMU. I was offered full tuition at GSPIA and close to full tuition at Bush. Admittedly I self selected out of top programs. Which of these two programs is better? Do you guys think I should defer enrollment and apply elsewhere?
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