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  1. @irapplicant1776 Thank you! Those were some very helpful suggestions. I have until this Friday to decide (Ahhh!). I was offered financial aid to both schools, but would still need $30,000 for AU and $15,000 for Josef Korbel. I am currently leaning toward American University, because of all the opportunity that comes with living in DC. However, I'm still suffering from that sticker shock for the program, but also general cost of living.
  2. I don't think it is rude/a bad idea to ask for more funding. I've been accepted to the Josef Korbel School with a great amount of funding, but received none from American University. I emailed my adviser at American University and explained that I was trying to make my decision, but that financing the program was a big concern. I asked them to reconsider for me their merit-based scholarships and they are currently reviewing my application. As long as you are respectful when you approach the subject there shouldn't be a problem.
  3. I've been accepted to the MA National Security & Foreign policy program at American University and the MA International Security program at the Josef Korbel School. I've been trying to choose between the two and it has proven to be a very difficult process. I will be relying on loans to pay tuition, so money is serious concern. I want a program that is geared toward policy development and encourages the 'think tank' approach. Help!
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