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  1. I told a school I was going to go there and gave them the documents and electronic signature. Now, I completely regret the decision and I've been losing sleep for days on why in the hell I accepted. I want to decline, but am so afraid of the consequences of doing so. What should I do? I am getting so stressed about this. I was only given from March 27-April 15th to make a decision so not a lot of time....
  2. Please give me some advice. I would want to seek a tenure track position down the road....
  3. I was just wondering because I think I have made a mistake and do not want to go to the school anymore. Is it too late? I accpeted admission and funding but the school is still going to send me a more "official" contract in the coming weeks. Thanks!
  4. just accepted a fully funded PhD offer from bgsu.I did my undergrad there but went to Michigan to get my masters. Will it matter at all to go back to bgsu for my PhD? Thanks
  5. I am deciding this week obviously but cannot determine which one would be more useful for more employers. Any suggestions?
  6. Yeah but how does the school expect me to pay rent on a stipend that small?
  7. Yes I understand this. I recently messaged the graduate coordinator about this but did not get a solid answer. I have no idea what to do...
  8. The University of Southern Mississippi has a better program, including an opportunity to do a study abroad in Jamaica. However, I am afraid that $11,500 sounds awfully low for a PhD student?
  9. I recently have been accepted to two doctoral programs in Mass Communication: One from Bowling Green State University and the other from the University of Southern Mississippi. The BGSU assistantship comes with funding for 3-4 years involving full tuition coverage and $13,500 a year (two semesters). The USM offer is full funding for one year plus a $11,500 stipend. After the one year is up, I have to ask for a renewal. Also USM requires their doctoral students to have health insurance which means an even smaller paycheck. Despite this, I do not wish to go to BGSU again because I already did my undergraduate work there (B.A. received my M.A. in Michigan college), and USM seems like a far more exciting place to enroll, even though I know that the funding is not quite as good. What do you think I should do? Thanks in advance!
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