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  1. who do i contact first re. stipend negotiation? POI? DGS? grad program coordinator?
  2. does anyone know what to make of the feb 23 and march 1 acceptances at columbia last year? they didn't mention being moved off the waitlist.
  3. also a 2013 post above wrote that "UC folks generally take 6-9 years to finish." does anyone know what thats about?
  4. only 2/15 UCSD rejections claimed. anyone else?
  5. here are placement rankings http://www.brandeis.edu/departments/politics/graduate/docs/S1049096507070771a.pdf
  6. just checked OSU portal, accepted. no funding info yet.
  7. For those who got emails from OSU POIs, were they explicit requests for interviews or open-ended?
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