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  1. Thank you for the replies. Given the standardization of SFO hiring, the relative unimportance of the name on your diploma is not all that surprising. Beyond the foreign service however, does anyone have insight into how hiring in other branches of State works? For instance, within the Bureau of Arms Control Verification and Compliance (AVC), or the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO). Are most people employed via lateraling into these positions after gaining work experience in other agencies? Also, does anyone have insight into the hiring practices for policy p
  2. What role does school prestige play in the hiring process for security related jobs in in federal government, in multi lateral organizations, and with international relief organizations (I know that for capital hill and the public sector, it has significant influence)? I have narrowed my my options down to Georgetown SSP unfunded (70k in tuition + living expenses), and a west coast “public ivy” state flagship university (with a fellowship that covers tuition, and includes a full living stipend). The state school is not UCB, or UCSD, but I do not want to be more specific than that.
  3. Thank you for the information you have provided. I have been living in asia for the past few months, so I was unable to attend the admitted students day to get a sense of the SFS career center. Obviously what is holding me back is funding. A have received a full ride and full living stipend at a west coast state flagship, which has been incredibly difficult to justify turning down. This is especially the case, given that the critical language I have been studying in asia is not offered in DC, while it is offered at the west coast option I mentioned. My understanding
  4. I have been admitted into Georgetown SSP, however I did not receive any funding. The program, due to less required credits, is about 30k less than Georgetown MSFS. However 70k for tuition over two years is still difficult to swallow. For those familiar with similar programs (including SAIS, HKS, Fletcher, GWU, etc.), what are the best external funding sources available to students in their second year? I have also heard of people gaining employment with a federal agency in their first year, and taking advantage of programs that pay for your remaining year in exchang
  5. Thank you for the replies. My understanding was also that your remaining balance on 10 year PSLF is not taxable as income, but it is on PAYE for 20 year forgiveness (lets hope most people borrow wise enough not to need the second of these two options). It is good to know ahead of time that the mentioned organizations do not qualify for PSLF. I am a prospective Georgetown student, and because only about 20% of students receive school funding, Georgetown flouts PSLF as a possible solution to the debt burden their program requires. The issue is that PSLF is not properl
  6. Given the uncertainty surrounding Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), I would consider banking on loan forgiveness while deciding on a graduate program, to be not the wisest of decisions. Especially because many jobs that you would traditionally associate with the federal government, are now being outsourced to contractors. However, out of curiosity, do the following organizations qualify one under PSLF, given the current guidelines? NATO? The U.N.? World Bank?
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